Katey Sagal’s Husband Kurt Sutter – Details of her three previous marriages

Hollywood relationships that last decades are rare but not impossible. Katey and her husband, however, have such a relationship. “Sons of Anarchy” co-star Kurt Sutter confirm it.

Katey Sagal was born January 19, 1954. Her parents were television and film producers and directors, while some of her siblings pursued acting careers.

Sagal is a veteran of the entertainment business since the 1970s. She landed small roles in films and TV series. Sagal turned to music, and she was a backup singer for Bette Midler and Olivia Newton-John.

Katey Sagal with Kurt Sutter, her husband, November 2, 2016, Beverly Hills, California. Source: Getty Images| Source: Getty Images


In the 1980s she gave birth. Acting a second timeHe was offered a part on Mary Tyler Moore’s TV Series “Mary.”Peggy in was Sagal’s breakthrough role. “Married… with Children,”The show ran from 1987 through 1997.

She joined the animated series’ cast two years later. “Futurama”Leela to speak. Sagal has also been in “Sons of Anarchy,” “Superior Donuts,” “The Conners,”These and many other successful projects.

Sagal’s remarkable showbiz career is not her only highlight. She has been married four times. Here are the details about her current husband and ex-husbands.

Katy Sagal, Kurt Sutter August 28, 2018, Hollywood, California. Source: Getty Images| Source: Getty Images


The “8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter”To actress Kurt SutterAlthough he’s not as well-known and well-respected as Sagal, he’s a talented artist.

Sutter is most well-known as a screenwriter, director and producer. He is best known for his TV series that he wrote and produced. “The Shield,” “Sons of Anarchy,” “The Bastard Executioner,” “Mayans MC.”

Out of all his works, “The Shield”His heart holds a special place. The TV series was his first acting role (he played Margos Dezerian, a hitman) and also gave him the opportunity to work with Sagal.

Following the births of her two eldest children, Sagal had to deal with serious medical issues.

Sutter and Sagal are in a relationship. ThroughIn the early 2000s, they became friends. They were so good friends that he suggested that they meet up sometime. She agreed.

She was busy with her kids so she went on her first date just a few months after they first met. Sagal said that they have never parted ways since that first coffee date.

The couple were married on October 2, 2004, in a private ceremony at their Los Feliz, California property. Since then, they have been together.


Before she married Sutter, Sagal had welcomed Sarah in August 1994 and Jackson in March 1996 during her previous relationship. (More about her ex-husbands here).

Sarah and JacksonTheir mother was an actress and they became actors. In 2005, she made her acting début. “Sons of Anarchy”He did it in 2011 “SPF-18″In 2017.

Sagal acknowledged being “Very protective” of her children when Sutter first met them. However, he was able to earn the title of stepparent over time.

It is important to mention that Sagal faced Medical complicationsAfter her two oldest children were born, she couldn’t bear another child.

Sutter and Sutter both wanted to have a child, so they looked at surrogacy as well as adoption. They were not inclined to choose between the two options so they decided to accept whatever came first.

Their surrogacy process “fell into place really easy,”So they chose this road. Sagal and Sutter’s only child, Esmé Louise, was born on January 10, 2007, with both parents present at the hospital for her birth.


Before you find “the one”Sagal was not the perfect partner for Sutter. She was Three times marriedNone of these relationships lasted longer than ten year.

Her first husband was Freddie Beckmeier who is the founder of Beckmeier Brothers as well as a Full Moon member. They were married in 1977, but parted in 1981.

Sagal was married to a second man who was also a music producer. The “lucky one”Fred Lombardo. Unfortunately, their marriage didn’t last the test of times and they separated in 1989.

One year later, Sagal began dating drummer Jack White. In 1991, she fell pregnant, but Ruby, their baby girl was stillborn after eight months.

The actress revealed that she couldn’t understand losing a baby so far during her pregnancy.

Sagal and White got married in 1993. However, they didn’t give in to the desire to have children. So they welcomed Sarah (and Jackson) before separating in 2000. “irreconcilable differences.”Katey Sagal and her husband met soon after. The rest is history. They make a wonderful couple!


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