Kate Middleton’s romantic PDAs with William: flirty dancing and revealing glances

While the couple are usually more reserved, royal fans noticed many public displays and affections between Prince William & Kate Middleton while on their Caribbean tour.

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Kate Middleton shows off her dance moves at Festival of Garifuna Culture

When they are on royal duty, the Duchess and Duke of Cambridge are typically reserved about their relationship.

Royal fans were enraged by the couple’s public displays of affection over the last week.

Pictures and videos of Prince William & Kate dancing together have been flooding social media.

Judi James, body language expert, believes that the PDAs between the couple are a sign of their affectionate relationships.

She said MailOnline : “With no signs of any cries for help, reassurance or emergency support then, it looks clear that William and Kate’s PDAs have been in the main just that: subtle signals of affection and even raised levels of respect from a very well-honed and like-minded royal double-act.”

What moments had royal fans in awe? Let’s take a look…

Flirty dancing

William and Kate visit Hopkins, Belize last week


AFP via Getty Images

The couple was seen dancing and wriggling their hips at Hopkins village, Belize’s happiest community. This was just the beginning of their tour.

Kate, in a beautiful floral Tory Burch dress was the first to take part in dancing, along with nine other Garifuna Cultural Centre students.

Kate swayed to the music in an apparent attempt to get William to dance.

Kate Middleton dances with the Belizean dancing


AFP via Getty Images

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According to royal supporters, William is seen in video admiringly at his wife while she’s cooking “flirts”With him.

One wrote this tweet: “Catherine is flirting with William!”

Another said: “William watching Kate dance is my new favourite thing.”

A second comment was made: “Did I see William eyeing her up and down?”

Holding hands

William offered his help to Kate as she walked down the steps wearing her high heels.

PDA between the couple was so popular that royal fans were enthralled

The royals’ first evening event in Belize was another highlight that delighted their fans. It saw Kate take the stage in a stunning hot pink gown.

It wasn’t her outfit that attracted royal fans, it was William’s charming public display of affection.

Kate paired a full-length metallic pink dress by British label The Vampire’s Wife and a Maya embroidered handbag with sky-high Jimmy Choo heels.

One time, the royal couple had to walk over rocky terrain down steep steps. The footage shows William taking his wife’s hand and guiding her down those steps to make sure she doesn’t fall.

The adorable moment was captured on Instagram and comments were filled with messages from royal fans, expressing their gratitude.

One person said: “Helping her down the stairs, so sweet!”

Another author wrote: “He is a gentleman.

Sharing the limelight

William and Kate visit Jamaica at a teacher’s training college



It was also noted that the couple in Jamaica was keen to share the limelight with one another and support each others during a visit of a teacher training college.

William joked that he was “early years” when they sat down to have a discussion about the topic. It was something Kate is passionate about. “out of his depth”.

While everyone laughed, Kate put a loving hand on her husband and said: “No you’re not! You hear me chatting about it.”

This led to royal supporters praising William as being a great leader. “such a supportive husband”While another was noted: “They so cute! They compliment each other in every way. And are very happy to share the limelight.”

Sweet glances

The royal couple enjoy a sweet look at a Jamaican military parade


Ian Vogler / Daily Mirror

Many photos of William and Kate over the past week show them sharing sweet glances.

One snap that thrilled royal watchers was of the couple during a military parade in Jamaica.

The photo depicts Kate smiling wide as she looks at William, who is adjusting his military uniform.

The reason for the sweet moment is not known, but Jennie Bond, a royal expert once suggested that Kate prefers it when William wears a uniform.

Comforting touches

The couple enjoys a moment of sweetness together in the Bahamas


Getty Images

As the trip progressed, there were many photos that showed William and Kate putting a comforting hand on each other.

William, a Belizean Prime Minister, was seen gentlely guiding his wife, with a protective hand on her back, during their meeting.

Kate, while at the Coral Vita farm on the Bahamas in the Bahamas placed her hand on top her husband’s. They smiled and listened as their hosts explained.

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