Kardashian fans love Kim’s candid photos with her skin condition in throwback posts.

KIM Kardashian fans love the reality TV star. “much easier to like”Her baby-faced youth.

41-year old Keeping Up With The Kardashians alum was a huge fan of a throwback photo that appeared on Reddit. The snap showed SKIMS founder, SKIMS, without any makeup as she displayed severe sunburn.


Kim Kardashian fans love her refreshed look.Credit: Reddit/ Capital_Bet7348
The throwback images, which resurfaced on Reddit, also showed the SKIMS founder's footwear fails


Throwback images that were resurfaced on Reddit also showed SKIMS founders’ footwear failuresCredit: Reddit/ Capital_Bet7348

They also cited the fact that she was more expressive after taking the candid photo, which showed red lines across her forehead, nose, and above her top lips. “relatable.”

Kim’s blonde locks were shaved by her sunglasses. The snap was taken before Kim, a mother of four, had received Botox injections.

This image was taken from a Kardashians Reddit thread titled: “Way back before the curation of their Instagram feeds.”

One fan quickly commented: “I miss this era. They seem so much more serious and stressed now.”

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Another writer wrote: “They were so much easier to like when they didn’t take themselves so seriously.”

A third party then pleaded “Can the world go back to this?! 🙏🏼”One surmized: “So much more relatable.”

Kim will continue with another continuation of her beauty line SKKN, which she will soon rename. “She’s so pretty in the first picture holy s**t,”A KUWTK fan rounded off the conversation with the words: “I so prefer this.”

Another image uploaded to the site showed Kim’s foot, which was a result of her sandal. It also shows Khloe playing with the phone while Kim is on the phone.


After many Kim-branded comments, the fans left their feedback. “unrecognizable”Following the Oscars ceremony, the Vanity Fair bash was held.

The KUWTK star was photographed with sister, Kendall Jenner and producer Tyler Perry at the after party and fans on Reddit can’t help but talk about her ‘bad side.’

Kim was seen with them laughing in a light blue dress and matching diamond earrings.

Although the dress came with gloves attached, she opted to remove the sunglasses for the party.

Reddit thread with a close up shot of Kim received many comments today, five days after the Oscars aired.

Talking about the ‘bad side’ of Kim’s face, someone else commented, “It looks as though smiling hurts. And I’m not tryna be a petty b***h, but her back fat is escaping, and anyone’s back fat would escape in a dress this tight but it’s just odd seeing a real photo.”

However, others have shared that they love seeing her natural side sometimes.

“Refreshing to see the Kardashians looking like actual humans lately,”They said.


In season five of the hit series KUWTK, Kim – who was 30 at the time – took sister Khloé along for moral support as she tried Botox for the first time.

Kim spoke out ahead of the appointment. “I’m going to try Botox to get rid of my wrinkles and once and for all I’m going to see what it’s all about.”

The actress visited Lift MD Aesthetics Beverly Hills, where she received Botox near her temples.

Kim claims that her injection site became swollen, itchy and red over the following days. She decided to forgo Botox for ten more years.

While out for lunch with Khloé, Kim asked for a glass of ice and said her eyes felt like they were “on fire.”

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Kim was concerned that she might have an allergic reaction to Botox. However, Dr Vaisman, Kim’s family doctor confirmed that bruising is a normal side effect.

Kim spoke after the swelling subsided. “I’ll never do this again… at least, not until I’m 40.”

Fans branded Kim 'easier to relate to' in the fun throwbacks


Kim was called ‘easier than you can relate to’ by the fans during the throwbacksCredit: Reddit/ Capital_Bet7348
They told how they thought mom of four Kim was 'easier to like' in her youth


They shared how Kim, their mother of four, was ‘easier for them to like’ when they were younger.Credit: Getty
Kim confused some fans with her 'unrecognizable' look at the Vanity Fair party following the Oscars


Kim confused some people with her ‘unrecognizable” look at the Vanity Fair party that followed the OscarsCredit: Getty Images – Getty

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