Kardashian fans claim to know the name Kylie Jenner gave her baby boy in new TikTok star leaves ‘clue.’

KARDASHIAN fan thinks they know what Kylie Jenner named her baby boy.

They saw a “clue”In a TikTok video, Kylie was out on a stroll with her youngest child in the garden.


Kardashian fans think they are aware of Kylie Jenner’s renaming of her sonCredit: Kylie Jenner/Instagram
Formerly 'Wolf,' she changed it to something still unknown - but planted the 'clue,' they claimed, in her video


Formerly known as ‘Wolf.’ She changed the name to something unknown, but she planted the clue,’ which they claimed in her videoCredit: TikTok/kyliejenner

Kylie, 24, welcomed her second child – formerly named Wolf – in February with rapper Travis Scott.

They publicly changed their original baby name to reflect the fact that it had been used for years. “didn’t feel like him,”She wrote this on Instagram in march.

The couple has not spoken out about the baby’s new name since then.

The Kardashians star has posted a new video. TikTokFans strongly felt that this Saturday’s update was more than just a gardening variety update.

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She amusedly walked her five month-old through a field filled with vegetables and set TikTok to ambient music.

The infant’s face is still unknown to fans, so any footage of him excites them.

Kylie was able to walk her boy while she strapped him into a front-facing car seat.

While she showed different vegetables, including eggs and tomatoes, she only displayed one label for each item.

Entertainment is the most popular genre.

The only sign was read “Sage.”

The comments indicated that feverish fans believed she was softly launching a new phonetically related name for Stormi, the younger brother.


“New name Sage!?”One wrote.

“Sage is pretty usual as a boy’s name”One other comment.

A third person chimed in: “I wonder if his name is Sage since that was the only tag we saw.”

“I’m just waiting for all the comments saying his name is Sage”A fourth was ripped.


Fans have been searching tirelessly for clues to help identify Kylie’s new name.

Kylie uploaded a June video. In the background, some easels were set up to make crafts and cards, as well as a table with glasses.

On the easel, there was a drawing that some fans think was made by Kylie and Travis’ daughter Stormi.

She made two stick figures. One was labeled. “Daddy”The second “Jacob.”

One fan zoomed in to the image, and shared it via Twitter: “So apparently, Kylie’s son’s name is Jacob.”

Fans thought Kylie had revealed her name in an Instagram photo in Portofino (Italy) at her sister Kourtney Kardashian’s wedding.

Stormi and Kylie held a doll while they dressed up for the day.

The caption said: “Just me, storm, and coconut traveling the world together.”

Kylie’s half sister, Khloe Kardashian responded to the post, pointing at the telling detail.

“I love you three,”She wrote and added a separate comment. “Coconut is too cute.”

Fans were willing to accept that conclusion. “Coconut”Name of the newborn.

Kourtney’s younger brother Mason Disick is rumored to have an Instagram account.

This page is Knight Jacques Webster.

Kylie’s baby boy took his middlename from his dad, and it is Jacques – that part has not been retracted.

Travis is legally known as Jacques Berman Webster II.


Kylie has proudly shown off her stretch marks and spoken on her postpartum life even if she hasn’t shared the new name.

Recently, Hulu’s star posted a video in which she was seen applying baby lotion to her baby’s feet and legs.

It was a clip that some fans weren’t happy with due to Kylie’s long nails, but she has been largely praised for showing off her “stretch marks and extra weight.”

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians alum was lauded for “normalizing normal bodies”She shared a photo of her stomach in March with her son’s feet and a photo of herself.

Kylie posted the snap of just the bottom of her baby’s feet on her tummy, taking the photo from above.

Her fans flocked to a Kardashian online thread to praise her for sharing the reality of being a mom – though since many have clearly wanted more content and conclusions.

One wrote: “As a mommy, I love the rawness of this picture. The stretched skin, the postpartum tummy, the little extra weight. I just love it.”

A second: “I love that she posted this. Normalizing normal bodies.”

“For women who have such big platforms, this is the type of content we need from them! I love this so much!”A third was posted.


Recently, the mom-of-two also also showed off her curves in tight dress for a rare unedited video.

Kylie’s amazing physique is shown in these TikTok clips. She wears a white gown with a cone bra neckline and a white, halter-style dress.

She set the video to a voiceover by a man asking questions. “What separates you from the competition? What makes you special?”

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Kylie lip-synced the following: “What competition?”

Kylie announced the birth of her baby on “2.2.22” to the tune of 20+M Instagram likes.

Fans are convinced Kylie has hinted Stormi's brother is named 'Sage'


Fans believe Kylie is implying Stormi’s brother is called Sage.Credit: TikTok/kyliejenner
The 24-year-old has not shared his new name after changing it from Wolf, nor his face


After changing his name from Wolf to his own, the 24-year-old hasn’t shared his new name with anyone.Credit: Instagram/@kyliejenner
The Hulu star and Travis Scott share Stormi and their five-month-old


Travis Scott and Stormi are a Hulu star who share Stormi with their five month-old daughterCredit: The Mega Agency


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