Kailyn Lowry is a teen mom and Isaac, her 12-year-old son, was praised by his mother after Creed shared a video of him.

TEEN Mom fans praised Kailyn Lowry, Kailyn’s eldest child Isaac, as ‘the sweetest brothers’. She shared a clip of Isaac playing the keyboard with Creed, her youngest brother.

Kailyn, 12 years old, is Kailyn’s first child. She shares Isaac with Jo Rivera.


Kailyn Lowry’s son Isaac is being referred to as ‘the sweetest bro’ because he loves Creed.Credit to Instagram
Kailyn has four sons: Isaac, Lincoln, Lux and Creed


Kailyn has 4 sons: Isaac Lincoln Lux Creed, Lux and Lincoln.Credit: Social Media Source

Kailyn took the video and uploaded it to Isaac’s Instagram.

The clip features Creed, a pre-teen, laughing and watching as he attempts to play the keyboard.

The caption of the post was: “Big bro, little bro.”

The adorable moment between siblings was praised by fans in one writing. “Ur such a good big brother. They are so lucky to have u. That also includes Vi not just ur brothers”

Another commenter said: “He is the sweetest big brother I have ever seen”

A third party agreed, commenting: “Isaac is so sweet. I just love him.”

Isaachttps://www.the-sun.com/entertainment/4283937/kailyn-lowry-oldest-son-isaac-twins-new-photo/’s siblings regularly feature on his Instagram, as does his keyboard playing.

Kailyn, a 29-year-old Kailyn shared an Instagram Story about a text conversation with Isaac. It featured video of Isaac practicing Linkin Park while she was staying with her dad Jo Rivera.

Isaac sent his mom two clips.

She responded: “Try that second one again!” and, “The first one is perfect.”

The Teen Mom star shared footage of Isaac singing the song on her Instagram Story.

Kailyn’s children on social media are always loved by fans.

Kailyn, however, was recently accused by Isaac of giving Kailyn more attention than Isaac.


Kailyn hit back at claims Isaac “doesn’t get much attention,”Explaining why he isn’t always featured on her social networks.

In a Q&A session on Instagram with her fans, Kailyn opened the floor to any and all questions.

One fan asked: “How come Isaac doesn’t seem to get much attention and only you do?”

Kailyn replied: “Isaac doesn’t like having his picture taken, and he doesn’t like to film. He’s not into sports; he’s playing piano.”

In her post, she added: “Therefore he doesn’t come here a lot avec us.

Kailyn resigned from her position: “Piano isn’t a group thing, it’s a him thing. When he wants to, I let him come on here but he is fully supported in whatever he does.”

Although the reality star shares photos of her kids on social media, she has been focusing her attention on construction in her home.

She began building her dream Delaware home in February 2021, and she spent most of the year on it.

Kailyn is focusing on the details as construction ends.

She showed off her bathroom and gold light fixtures recently, as well as a nearly finished pantry.

Although it is not clear when the house will be available for her and her family, construction seems to be coming to an end.

Kailyn has four children.

She shares Isaac and Jo with Javi Marroquin’s son Lincoln, as well as sons Lux (with Chris Lopez) and Creed (with Chris Lopez).

Isaac often poses with his brothers on his personal social media accounts


Isaac frequently posts photos with his brothers to his personal social media accounts.Credit to Instagram
Fans love seeing the siblings together


The siblings are a joy to be around.Credit to Instagram
Kailyn shares Isaac with ex Jo Rivera


Kailyn shares Isaac and ex Jo RiveraCredit: MTV
Kailyn Lowry is a teen mom and Isaac, her 12-year-old son, was praised by his mother after Creed shared a video of him.


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