Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel share rare photos of their sons on Father’s Day

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel took to social media to share rare family photos with their sons on Father’s Day. Fans are enjoying the photos. In his postTimberlake shared an image showing his sons Silas & Phineas seated at a piano. He added a caption. “My two favorite melodies.”Then he added: “Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there!!!”

Biel also included a photo of her family sharing a sweet hug. “To the world, you are a dad. But to your family, you are the world,”She wrote the following, quoting an old adage. She laughed and said, “I don’t know who said that but whomever it was, they bodied that s—. We love you, baby. Thank you for being our everything!”Noticeably, both photos kept the boys’ faces out of the pictures. Timberlake’s follower commented on the post, and others have loved it. “Happy Fathers Day to you too JT. These boys are undoubtedly blessed to have you as their dad.”

Silas was not long after he was born. Biel spoke to him shortly thereafter. E! NewsTalking about becoming a mom, she shared her top three favorite parts of having a newborn baby. “Probably the moment he wakes up from a nap,”She admitted. “He’s sort of looking around and you sort of creep up and look over the crib and he looks up and he goes [Biel lets out a big sighing sound]. Just a gummy mouth, no teeth, just a big smile, happy that you’re alive and you’re just looking at him. That’s probably the most magical.”

Biel was a Reddit user in 2017. “Ask Me Anything”She shared her experience as a mother and how it was like. She also talked about the times she wasn’t so focused on parenting when younger. “Honestly, I didn’t grow up dreaming about having kids and having a family. I was so focused on my career and so focused on my selfish existence, haha, but I think meeting my husband inspired me,”She said: via Pregnancy Magazine. “One day I just woke up and knew it’s what I wanted to do and it’s been the hardest, greatest thing ever and I wouldn’t give it up for the world.”

Biel also offered her perspective on raising two children, while appearing on Ellen DeGeneres Show. “A very wise friend of mine said, ‘One is a lot. And two is a thousand,'”She said it laughing via the Daily Mail. “That’s exactly the way it feels. You’re like, man-on-man defense, one person’s here, one person’s over there. It is a wild, wild ride.”


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