Jurassic Park Enthusiast Points Out All The Mistakes You Probably Missed

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Jurassic Park may have received rave reviews for its special effects, but while most people were being wowed by the animatronic dinosaurs, there are a whole bunch of errors that crept into the iconic movie.

Now, one superfan of the films has taken it upon himself to point out all the continuity errors in Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece, and once you’ve seen them, there’s no turning back.

In a viral TikTok video, Zachary Robert Payne (@zaaay33) delves into Jurassic Park to spotlight the myriad of continuity errors that made it into the final cut.

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Some of them are pretty bog-standard – the odd lighting rig accidentally left in shot, or a hand seen steadying one of the dinosaurs – while others, like a door opening the wrong way, or the colour of a prop suddenly changing, are incredibly obvious once they’ve been pointed out.

But there are a few that only the most hardcore fans seem to have noticed. For example, Zachary points out that in one scene set in San Jose, Costa Rica, Dr. Grant and Dennis Nedry can be seen meeting with the ocean in the background, despite the fact that San Jose is a landlocked city.

Another major geographical error comes in the final shot of the film, when the helicopter carrying the survivors away from the Jurassic Park island is flying towards a western sunset, despite supposedly taking its passengers back eastwards.

‘Tell me you’ve watched a movie over 1000 times without telling me,’ one person commented on the TikTok, which has had more than 2.3 million views, while others chimed in with their own spots from the film.

In fairness, if you’ve watched a movie enough times that you’re able to spot every tiny mistake, its probably because you’re a pretty big fan of the movie, so while Zachary is pointed out a lot of flaws, it’s definitely coming from a place of love.


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