Junior Lifeguards Rescue Pilot Off Huntington Beach – Los Angeles

Two junior lifeguards were the first to reach the water in order to assist a pilot who crashed into the Huntington Beach surf Friday.

Jake Shaffer, a junior lifeguard in Huntington Beach City, and Aidan were both walking along the beach when it happened. They jumped into the water to help.

“Jake goes, ‘OK, run!’ So I start running towards the water line where the plane is and he grabs a board,”Aidan spoke.

Shaffer grabbed a board from the shore and rushed to get into the water. A banner advertising a tequila company was being tow by the plane. Beachgoers could be seen pulling the banner out of the water following the crash.

According to the FAA the pilot was the only person aboard the aircraft and was rushed by the ambulance to the hospital. Shaffer described him to Shaffer as a young man in a flannel shirt, who is fortunate to be alive.

“When he got on my board, he had a small cut on his head,” Shaffer said. “I kept asking him, ‘hello, sir? Is it OK?

“We were just going over these things in captain’s about trying to learn information about the person. What could have happened. He didn’t want to talk. He was sitting there frozen on the board.”

Shaffer and Aidan stated that another crew of lifeguards arrived quickly to rescue the pilot. Nearly 600 junior lifeguards participated in the two-day competition.

“It’s crazy,”Aidan spoke.

Shaffer said that he is happy that they were in the right spot at the right moment.

The pilot’s condition and his name were not known.

It appears that the plane was based at Compton Airport. The plane flew north to Malibu, before turning around and heading south to Huntington Beach.

FAA investigators tried to figure out why the plane crashed.

Witnesses claim that the single engine Piper Cub made no loud noises while slowly falling from the sky, almost gliding into water at the shoreline.

The pilot managed to climb out of the plane from the inside. Although his injuries were not serious, he was taken to the hospital for treatment.


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