Julie Chrisley Breaks the Internet Silence with an Unusual Post

It has been a ghost town on Julie Chrisley and Todd Chrisley’s Instagram profiles since the guilty verdict was handed down for tax evasion and bank fraud. In Julie’s defense, she wasn’t THAT active on her profile prior to the verdict being handed down. Todd, her husband, was active on Instagram. So, collectively, it’s been surprising to their massive following that they’ve had nothing to post.

Julie Chrisley’s 997,000 Instagram followers were a bit surprised when she took to her Instagram Stories in a very unlikely and unexpected way. Chrisley Knows Best It was only a matter time before Julie and Todd snapped their Instagram silence. Her random Instagram Stories post caught some fans off guard. It was very Julie-esque in hindsight.

What is the story of Julie Chrisley, who broke her silence on Instagram and Internet to post?

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Julie Chrisley breaks the silence on Instagram and Internet

Todd Chrisley’s wife was the first of the couple to surface on Instagram with a pretty shocking Instagram Stories video. It was only a short clip. Unfortunately, it was impossible to hear Julie or Todd talking in the video.

In a very short clip, Julie Chrisley was busy at work doing what she loved while on house arrest. What was she doing? Cooking.

Todd And Julie Chrisley YouTube
Julie and Todd

The video showed a close up of homemade salsa. The salsa was rich in fresh ingredients and vibrant red. Julie Chrisley, a possible mixologist, stirred the salsa as the video was being made.

The caption at the top of the video indicated that she was making homemade salsa.

When did she last update her profile?

Instagram Stories aren’t documented, but Julie Chrisley last posted on her profile on May 16. Grayson was Grayson’s youngest child. The post was written in tribute to Grayson, on his birthday.

Grayson received a lot of comments after she posted her homemade salsa to her Instagram Stories. One fan encouraged her to share the salsa recipe. Others said they were glad she was okay.

Julie Chrisley - Instagram
Julie Chrisley – Instagram

You can listen to the weekly podcast episode of Todd and Julie Chrisley for more information. Chrisley Confessions. Todd has pledged to continue dropping episodes weekly as long they can. They also promised their children that they would take over the podcast, if necessary (e.g. jail).

What is it about Julie Chrisley’s Instagram Stories that you find so bizarre? Comment below to let us know your thoughts.

Julie Chrisley Breaks the Internet Silence with an Unusual Post
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