Julian Valentine Update, Where is He Now?

Tonight’s episode of My 600-Lb. My 600-Lb. Season 10 stars Julian Valentine and Irma, his beautiful wife. Julian is 830-Lbs. Dr. Now admits that Julian might have the largest BMI they’ve ever featured on the show. How is Julian Valentine doing on his journey? Is there any life update for Julian Valentine and Irma? Keep reading, we’ve got all the details.

My 600-Lb. Life Season 10, Episode 2 introduces Julian Valentine

My 600-Lb. Life Season 10, Episode 2 is the story of Julian Valentine’s wife Irma. Julian and Irma, his wife, believe that he will be around 750 pounds. They admit that they don’t know his exact weight. They fear that it might be higher than they think.

When he weighs in the 830-Lbs at his first Dr. Now appointment, his fear becomes reality. Dr. Now admits Julian has possibly the highest BMI he’s ever seen on the show.


Julian and Irma are being real with Dr. Now. He admits that Julian continues to live at the same weight every day. Dr. Now says that Julian must lose weight as soon as possible. Dr. Now notes that every night Julian goes to sleep there is a chance he just won’t wake up at this current weight.

Warning: This article contains spoilers from My 600-Lb. Life Season 10, Episode 2 

TLC Cast member struggles to keep weight off

Initially, the plan is for Julian Valentine to go to a local clinic after being on Dr. Now’s diet for two months. Dr. Now says that he should lose 200 pounds in just two months using his diet. However, he would be content to see him lose 100 lbs. Julian is not able to see his weight when he steps on the scale. The scale can read 800 pounds according to the clinic. Julian may have gained weight or lost less than 30 lbs.

Julian Valentine disagrees with the update about his weight. He claims that the scale might have been broken. Isn’t willing to accept it. This unfortunate event pushes him in a positive direction, and he loses about 136lbs at his next appointment two years later. Dr. Now approves that he can move to Houston after achieving this weight loss. Says that he’ll accept him in the program. He needs to lose weight to be eligible for the surgery.

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Julian Valentine travels to Texas to visit Dr. Now and check his weight. Things take a nosedive as Julian learns he’s gained nearly all of the weight he lost back as he weighs in just under 800 pounds.

Julian Valentine insists that he is not aware of what is happening because he follows the diet. Dr. Now, however, argues the scale and numbers don’t lie. Julian would have lost weight if he had been following the diet. Dr. Now allows him to continue his weight loss journey for two additional months. Dr. Now suggests that Irma join her husband in his weight loss journey to make it easier.

Move to Texas: This Couple Needs To Be Tested

Irma’s and Julian’s move to Texas was not easy. The trailer her brother used to transport all their belongings was damaged during the drive. The problem was not solved by the couple. The couple had to go through their belongings and put what they needed in the vehicles. Even worse was the approaching storm and tornado that was rolling in.

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This was the first time that viewers saw the couple fight in episode. They struggled to decide which items they wanted to keep and which ones to give away.

Julian Valentine gets his surgery

Julian Valentine had his operation, and the episode was over. Because of the hernia, Dr. Now acknowledged that it was quite complicated. Dr. Now was forced to do a partial repair along with the gastric sleeve because there wasn’t enough time to do a full repair.

Irma and Julian were able to go out on a first date since a very long while. Julian drove himself to work for the first time since almost a decade, thanks to all the progress he’d made.

Has There Been Any Updates?

Irma Valentine has an Instagram account. However, it seems to be private. It’s also inactive, posting only a few times per week to a few followers. Fans have yet to discover the Facebook profiles of the couple.

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So, there isn’t much of an update on how Julian Valentine is doing or where he is now. As the episode ended, however, things were looking bright for him and his wife.

Tune in and watch the new episode My 600-Lb. My 600-Lb. telling Julian’s story tonight on TLC.

Julian Valentine Update, Where is He Now?
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