Julia Roberts Privately Wed Husband on 4th of July a Month after He Divorced His Ex — Inside Their Love Story

Julia Roberts, an actress who won awards for her performances, committed her life to a new woman on July 4th. They invited only a handful of friends to their intimate ceremony.

The couple created the most surreal romance, synonymous with something from a telenovela — inside their love story.

“Pretty Woman”Julia Roberts, the star of Julia Roberts, has been an iconic sight. Her thriving career and beautiful looks have made her a popular choice, as well as her charming personality. Source: Getty Images

Julia Roberts & Benjamin Bratt during The 7th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards at Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California, United States. | Source: Getty Images

For Roberts, several men have been her favorite, and the actress’ love history bears intriguing details. 

The “Pretty Woman”Star was associated with Matthew Perry, Liam Neeson and Jason Patric. Lyle Lovett was also her husband. After being married for almost two decades, she began to date Kiefer Sutherland. This was a highly-acclaimed split.

She had a long-lasting relationship with Benjamin Bratt towards the end of 1990s. Roberts was a huge fan of this long-lasting relationship. They were able to share their joy and often spoke highly of each other.

Julia Roberts & Benjamin Bratt during “Erin Brockovich”Premiere at Mann Village Theatre Westwood, California. Source: Getty Images | Source: Getty Images

Bratt once Description his lover as “an incredible woman,” while Roberts often gushed about how compassionate her boyfriend appeared and was known to talk about their Romance while on the “Erin” movie set.

The actress confirmed that she was “ecstatically happy”Bratt in her relationship without mincing words. For the actor,  they Reaped the benefits of their relationship because of their formula of balancing things and “keeping it real.”

Julia Roberts and Benjamin Bratt at the DNC 2000 Fundraiser NY Concert in New York City, New York City, United States. | Source: Getty Images

The trouble came in paradise eventually. Some media Sources theorized it was because Roberts refused to marry; another Claim that she did not agree to move closer to her lover, who complained that their long separation and work schedules were affecting their love life. 

Tabloids are also available reported that Bratt called off the relationship when he noticed how intimate she had become with George Clooney, whom she co-starred with on “Ocean 11.”

2001 saw the breaking up of the couple confirmed. The headlines focused on Clooney’s alleged relationship with her. Sources asserted that the actress was devastated.

The horse told the truth a few weeks later. Roberts, looking relatively calm, admitted that the affair had ended, adding that it had nothing to do with a rumored love story involving George Clooney.

She criticised inaccurate media reports and explained that they were a mistake. “tender-hearted end.”However, “Pretty Woman”Star spoke glowingly of her ex-lover, calling it a “love” “good”And “fine” man.

Bratt on the other side, however, stated that he never imagined the relationship would be perfect, and added that Roberts didn’t enjoy it.

He also spoke about the negative media attention following the split. According to him: 

“You don’t build your house in a redwood grove if you don’t like shade. It’s like a fly that won’t leave you alone. It’s that mosquito that buzzes in your ear.”


Julia Roberts’ luxurious Taos ranch. | Source: facebook.com/El Monte Sagrado

Roberts was still working following the separation. This is when she met Danny Moder who was a photographer on the set of “The Mexican.”

Moder was then married to Vera, a makeup artist. According to insiders, Moder and Vera’s four-year marriage was on the verge of dissolving.

Moder did not decide to divorce his wife until he had become friends with Roberts. Roberts helped him get over the breakup effects.

Julia Roberts’ luxurious Taos ranch. | Source: facebook.com/El Monte Sagrado

They began a long-lasting relationship. Later, they spent time together in one another’s homes. They shuffled from her lavish L.A. home to his modest house. Taos ranch.

People who observed the couple could tell their genuine love and affection. One of Roberts’ friends Confessed that Moder was a supportive lover who celebrated the actress.

Julia Roberts’ luxurious Taos ranch. | Source: facebook.com/El Monte Sagrado

The screen maven said that their love was built on solid friendship foundations. While Speaking to Oprah Winfrey, she explained that they had been friends for a long time.

Roberts said she feels content and at home in Taos Ranch. However, Roberts also admitted that falling in Love was difficult because she was not sure about his feelings. He would have loved to lose her friendship. 


They were determined to become each other’s last stops after their friendship had turned into romance. They exchanged their wedding vows before they got married. Got tattoos of each other’s initials on their lower backs.

Moder was still not divorced from Vera at the time. The entertainers were unable to give a formal label on their relationship.

Moder became single just a month later, however, became Roberts’ first husband, while she became his second wife.

Julia Roberts’ luxurious Taos ranch. | Source: facebook.com/El Monte Sagrado

Even though she could afford a more stunning location, the actress chose to have their intimate wedding ceremony at her Taos ranch.

She was most happy that she had found her love and wanted to get rid of the media.

Roberts invited close friends and family to join her celebration of independence, which she called a July 4th celebration.

Julia Roberts’ luxurious Taos ranch. | Source: facebook.com/El Monte Sagrado

The couple wore adorable clothing. Moder wore a red ruffled shirt, and tan trousers while his bride wore an ivory cotton dress with floral patterns. As Moder recounted the story, a guest joined him. 

“Danny got down on one knee and said, ‘In front of everyone we love, I want to know, will you marry me?’ And Julia grabbed her heart and said, ‘Yes, yes, yes.’ And all the guests were saying ‘Yes, yes, yes’ along with her.”

Julia Roberts, actress, and Danny Moder, actor at the Malibu Boys And Girls Club Gala held on October 19, 2013, in Malibu (California). Source: Getty Images | Source: Getty Images

The surprise was not unexpected. Guests were delighted that the two heartbroken lovers found love. A guest Additional Source: Getty Images

“There was great relief… complete and utter joy that these two people found each other.”

Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder attend CORE Gala: A Gala Dinner to Benefit CORE and 10 Years of Life-Saving Work Across Haiti & Around the World at Wiltern Theatre on January 15, 2020 in Los Angeles, California. | Source: Getty Images

After their happy ending, the actress gave an honest interview in which she addressed the accusations that Moder was a homewrecker. Moder’s love for Vera was not interrupted by her, she claimed. In her Words:

“I’m an easy person to point the finger at. I don’t begrudge people the easy finger-point. It just doesn’t happen to be so.”

Daniel Moder speaks. | Source: Shutterstock

Moder and Roberts didn’t pay much attention to the naysayers. Their ultimate goal, however, was to live happily. This was not difficult because her husband puts in a lot of effort to make her feel comfortable, despite the fact that she is popular.

Their love story is a happy one. Moder taught Roberts to believe in love again. Roberts, however, was willing to accept new possibilities. Today, Roberts and Moder are among Hollywood’s most successful couples.


The couple are now 37 and 35 years respectively after their wedding vows. All are welcome twins, a son, Phinnaeus Walter, and a daughter, Hazel Patricia.

Roberts was born shortly after their children were born. Purchase 32 acres of an estate in New Mexico, Taos, not too far from her first ranch.

This was for her growing family. Henry Daniel, a baby, was born two years after the purchase of the vast land. Get joined the Roberts-Moder family.

Roberts had to manage motherhood and a successful career. However, she was supported by her husband who helped her become a superwoman. Roberts was once a successful superwoman. admitted that she tattooed her kids’ names on her lower back on a talk show.

Moder is her constant love and devotion. Motherhood didn’t stop her from loving Moder. Gush about. While celebrating Moder’s birthday in January, she shared a cute side photo of her husband holding a surf board. She captioned it:

“Happy Everything. You make my world go round.”

From accusations and bickering in the media, it became a beautiful love story. The couple has been together for twenty years and is waxing stronger because Roberts prioritizes her family ahead of work.


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