Julia Fox is a mother of children?

Julia Fox, Actress, was spotted on a date with Kanye West. It sparked curiosity about her personal life.

This news comes days after she posted on Instagram that she accused her husband of being abusive. “deadbeat alcoholic,”Get ahead of Christmas


Julia Fox and her baby at a 2021 premiereCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Julia Fox is a mother of children?

The actress is married to Peter Artemiev and their son was born January 2021.

Page Six revealedFox has made disparaging comments about her husband, and is currently in a difficult marriage.

Fox called her husband and baby daddy a “dead beat dad” Page Six reported.

She also posted about Artemiev to Instagram Stories in December 2021.

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What did Julia Fox say about her husband?

Fox attacked her husband and father on the social media platform.

The actress wrote that the “dead beat alcoholic drug addict dad,” who can be found “at… Lucien, Paul’s [Baby Grand], Casablanca, the streets etc.,”She alleged.

The mother-of-one claimed that he had left her with their child, and all the responsibility.

“This man left my with a 5-month-old and a dog, and all the bills. It’s wrong!!! It’s not fair,” Foxes stories have since expired from the app.

Julia Fox and Peter Artemiev attend 'No Sudden Move' during 2021 Tribeca Festival


Julia Fox and Peter Artemiev attended ‘No Sudden Move’ at the 2021 Tribeca FestivalCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Is Julia Fox dating Kanye West?

Fox was married but was spotted with Kanye on a dinner date US Weekly reports.

According to the outlet, they were seen out for dinner at Carbone in Miami.

Fox simply replied that she didn’t know when a second date would take place with the rapper when paparazzi asked.

Although it is not clear if they are in a relationship, the article Fox published in an op-ed said that they seem to be in a relationship. Interview Magazine called “Date Night,” where she gushed about her alleged new man.


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