Judge Confirms Nearly $31 Million Arbitration Award Against Kevin Spacey – Los Angeles

Kevin Spacey must make a payment “House of Cards”Producer MRC fined nearly $31 Million for alleged misconduct behind the scenes of Netflix’s show. A judge ruled on Thursday that it was not a. “close case.”

Spacey, now 63 years old, played Frank Underwood in “House of Cards”He was fired from the Netflix series following allegations that he had been sexually assaulting young men. The allegations, including that he groped a production assistant caused MRC to investigate and terminate his producing and acting contracts.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mel Red Recana confirmed a previous award in October 2020 by an arbitrator in favor of MRC. It consisted of $29.5 million in damages, and the remainder in fees and costs.

The arbitrator found Spacey’s conduct was a material violation of his executive producing and acting agreements. Recana stated in his 14-page ruling that even in close cases, the arbitrator’s decision must be upheld.

“Here, (Spacey) fails to demonstrate that this is even a close case,”The judge agreed.

Judge noted that CNN.com’s November 2017 article contained allegations Spacey, now 63 years old, had engaged in sexually predatory behavior towards young crew members. “House of Cards”MRC learned of the accusations and suspended Spacey. The investigation was completed and Spacey was removed from the final season. Spacey’s executive producing and acting contracts were also terminated.

Jonathan E. Phillips, an attorney from Space, claimed the award should be annulled. He claimed the arbitrator exceeded his powers by considering external evidence when determining damages.

The arbitrator found that Spacey violated the agreements by his interactions with five crew members. This was in response to MRC’s solicitation for allegations against Spacey.

While Spacey disagrees with the arbitrator’s factual findings and maintains that he did not sexually harass anyone, he understands and accepts that the arbitrator’s findings on that issue “are entitled to deference,” Spacey’s lawyers stated in their court papers.

“However, because the arbitrator committed — namely, the damages awarded to (MRC) are not rationally related to the specific breaches found by the arbitrator — (Spacey) is entitled to an order from this court vacating the award,”According to Spacey’s court papers.

Recana however wrote that he was “not compelled to infer that the arbitrator’s award was not based on the breach of the parties’ agreements or that it was based on an (external) source.” 


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