Jovan Arriaga — What We Know About Selena’s Nephew and Suzette Quintanilla’s Son

Suzette Quintanilla has one child, Jovan Arriga, who is Jovan’s son. His mother is a well-known pop musician and drummer. He has strong resemblances to his aunt Selena Quintanilla. These are his details.

Jovan Arriaga, the son of Bill Arriaga und Suzette Quitanilla was born five years after his parents were married. His parents were in a relationship for many years before they got married in 1993.

Suzette Quintanilla claims that her son is a mirror of her sister Selena Quintanilla. Jovan Arriaga prefers not to be seen and keeps his Instagram private. Here are some details about Jovan Arriaga and his family.


“Selena: The Series,”This Netflix original aired on December 4, 2020. It tells the story of Selena, a Tejano singer, and the sacrifices she made along the way.

The eighth episode featured the love story of Suzette, Bill and their relationship. Noemi Gonzalez played Suzette and Christian Escobar was Bill.

They were married in 1993, but their only child, Jovan, was born five years later. Jovan did not meet his sister, but Suzette did once. ShareIn a social media posting, he said how Selena reminds him of her as he smiles like her.

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While Suzette has not spoken publicly about Bill in interviews, she shares photos of him often on Instagram. According to the series they met for the first time in awkward situations. However, their friendship quickly blossomed into love.

Jovan’s mother wasn’t just Selena and her drummer brother, she was also their best friend. In “Selena: The Series,”They knew it. ShareA deep bond was formed through their shared love of music, laughter and fun.

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Selena, the Queen Tejano, was born April 16, 1971 in Texas and died March 31, 1995. She was at the peak of her career, and was recording her last album. “Dreaming of You,”Her first English-language album.

“By the time I leave this world, I will accomplish what she started.”

Selena Etc., a Texas-based retail chain that sells her jewelry and clothing, was also a goal. Yolanda Saldívar managed the business and was also the president of the singer’s fan club and her trusted confidante.

Soon, Selena’s employees reported that Saldívar was unstable and two-faced. When Selena did not act, they complained to her father and business manager, Abraham Quintanilla Jr., who warned Selena that Saldívar could be dangerous.

In early March 1995, the boutique employees informed Selena and her family that Saldívar was embezzling funds from the business. Saldívar denied the accusations and claimed that she had documents that would absolve her but failed to produce them.

Selena’s father forbade Saldívar from speaking to his daughter, but Selena kept Saldívar close, as Saldívar had her sensitive financial records. On March 30, 1995, Saldívar asked Selena to pick up the promised documents alone at a Days Inn Motel.

Initially, Selena went with her husband, Chris Pérez, and Saldívar failed to produce the documents. The following morning, Selena went alone and pressured Saldívar over the papers.

When things went out of hand and Selena wanted to run, Saldívar shot her in the right shoulder. Selena ran in the lobby and collapsed.

Doctors found out that she was clinically brain dead due to the severed subclavian artery. After nearly an hour of unsuccessful attempts to revive her, Selena was declared dead.


Suzette ended her drumming career after Selena’s passing, but she has continued her sister’s legacy. She was also an executive producer of the Netflix biopic. “Selena: The Series.”

Suzette handles licensing requests for her sister, including MAC’s most successful cosmetics collections that were inspired by the singer’s extraordinary flair for makeup.

Suzette views the collaboration as an extension of Selena’s interest in cosmetics. She :

“When Selena passed away, one of the three things she was working on was her clothing line, a makeup line, and a perfume line. I promised myself that by the time I leave this world, I will accomplish what she started, what she held dear to her heart.”

Suzette had also organized and attended various Selena tribute concerts, such as the 2005 Selena ¡VIVE!, when the band members of Los Dinos reunited publicly for the first time since Selena’s death.


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