Jossara Jinaro, ER Actress, Dies Tragically

Jossara Jinaro went through a difficult time before she was so passionate about her craft. Per SoapsHer family fled Colombia to the U.S. after her stepfather, a diplomat, was taken hostage by the guerillas. Jinaro was just 16 years old when she began her career on the Chicago stage. Deadline.

Jinaro was active with a number of charities, including Upward Bound or the Children’s Institute. This mother-of-2 clearly loved her children, as evident by her telling Revista MagazineBefore she became an actor, she taught science and math classes to middle schoolers. “was one of the most rewarding experiences in my life.”In 2020, she also teamed with a few animated film stars “Coco”To film A PSA thanks kidsStaying safe during the COVID-19 epidemic. “Jossara was an amazing wife, mother, artist, and friend,”Her husband wrote the following Facebook. “She had the most beautiful, kind soul and wouldn’t take no for an answer.”

Jinaro lost her life too early, but she made the best of the few hours that she did have. Revista Magazine revealed that Jinaro was an adventurer. “I’ve ran marathons, been skydiving, zip-lining through the jungle, white-water rafting, and most recently jumped from a cliff down a waterfall in Costa Rica. I usually throw my arms up in the air and scream ‘I did it!’ That’s when I’m most proud.”


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