Josiah Roloff Leaves Momma Tori In Her Feelings, Why?

Josiah Roloff is the newest baby to Tori and Zach. Her baby boy is making her feel all emotional. Continue reading to find out all the details.

Josiah Luke arrived in April, in case you didn’t see it. He is joined by big brother Jackson Kyle (age 5) and big sister Lilah Ray (age 2). Zach and Tori have shared many sweet photos of Zach since his arrival. Tori recently documented Josiah’s first month of life.

Josiah Roloff’s momma is starting to feel the pain. She documented a sentimental moment for her baby boy, revealing just how much he’s grown. He’s already changing a lot, and it looks like it’s all hitting Tori pretty hard.

Josiah Roloff is all emotional for his momma Tori

On her InstagramStories on Monday, June 13: Tori revealed that her baby boy left her feeling very emotional.

She wrote: “He’s totally starting to chunk up and not look like a newborn anymore!”To capture her emotions, she added some crying emojis. 

It appears that Tori Roloff was able to spend some quality time with Josiah Roloff without Jackson, Zach, or Lilah. Josiah was able enjoy his dinner with his family without having to be surrounded by his fussy siblings.Fans were shocked to hear that Zach and Tori are obsessed with Jackson and Lilah’s new baby brother. 

The sweet snap can be viewed below. Momma Tori smiles for the camera while her baby boy lies on her chest.


Tori and Zach believe that Josiah will be their last child. This may explain why she might be more emotional about the decision.

Though Tori is sad to see that Josiah looks less like a newborn these days, she is likely excited to watch him grow up by his siblings’ sides. And thanks to TLC’s Little People, Big WorldFans will be able to see Josiah Roloff’s growth through social media and other platforms.

Keep checking back for updates from Tori as well as the show.

Josiah Roloff Leaves Momma Tori In Her Feelings, Why?
Credit: Tori Roloff Instagram

Josiah Roloff appears to be growing up so quickly. Do you feel like Tori Roloff is getting all emotional about this? Please leave your comments below. Keep checking back for more TV Shows AceMore Roloff family news. Plus, don’t miss new episodes of Little People, Big World TLC on Tuesdays

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