Josiah Roloff is surrounded by Love during His First Bath

Josiah Roloff is the new son Little People, Big WorldHe has taken his first bath with stars Tori and Zach. His proud parents revealed that he was shower with love at this special time. Scroll down to see new photos of the baby boy celebrating another milestone.

Josiah Luke Roloff, was born Saturday, April 30,

Tori, Tori’s proud mom, has been sharing photos of her family of five since the arrival of Jackson. Jackson and Lilah seem to be adjusting well to each other. He’s gotten lots of love and attention. Fans are always delighted to see more pictures of their babies.

Tori Roloff Instagram (LPBW)
Tori Roloff Instagram

Though Josiah Roloff is still very new, he’s already had a very special milestone. He was surrounded by love when he took his first shower in his home.

Josiah Roloff’s First Bath Time

On her Instagram stories, Tori shared a couple of photos from Josiah’s first bath. She shared, “Josiah’s first bath was a family affair!”

In one of the photos, she’s leaning over the bathtub, bathing her baby boy. Jackson, four years old, stands on one side and Lilah, two years old on the other. The proud siblings are keeping a watchful eye on their baby brother, Josiah Roloff, and they’re being very helpful.

Tori also shared a close-up photo of Josiah, in his baby tub. With a washcloth covering his stomach and chest, the newborn is quickly falling asleep. He seems content and comfortable.

Tori writes, “He loved it.”

Tori Roloff Instagram (Josiah Roloff)

It looks like Josiah doesn’t mind the bathtub at all. Plus, with so many extra hands to help out, he’s probably feeling extra loved. His siblings are already big fans and eager to help whenever they can. Whether it’s bath time or feeding time, Jackson and Lilah are always ready to pitch in, it seems.

As Josiah grows, there will be many more exciting moments. Mom Tori and dad Zach will keep their fans informed as they go along. Already, they have shared many photos with fans. There are more photos to come.

What do you think about these sweet photos of Josiah Roloff at his first bath time. Are you a fan of seeing his big brothers and sisters always at his side? Please leave your comments below and return to Television Shows AceFor more Roloff family news, click here

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