Jordan Peele: The shocking event that makes nope feel even more real

The Pentagon released April 2020 videos that UFO pilots captured by U.S Navy pilots (via) CNBC). The Department of Defense claimed that the video was released to verify the authenticity of the footage which had been circulated online in the past. According to their statement, Department of DefenseThe flying objects are still unknown.

While it’s no confirmation of anything specific, the videos can make the imagination run wild — and run wild Peele’s imagination did, though he also took note of how little the footage actually affected people’s lives. “It’s one of the reasons, I guess, I can proudly say this movie is based on a true story. But what was most nerve-wracking or scary to me about the whole thing is that you’d like to think that when actual video proof of UFOs comes out that something would change in our lifestyle, not it’s really business as usual,”He said it in a promotional interview. (via Associated Press). 

Peele stated that the videos had an impact on him and helped to tell the story. “Nope”You will feel more authentic and relevant. “It made it very real, very much in the moment,”The director stated.


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