Jonathan Scott has set a deadline to have children before 45, regardless of whether or not he finds the right partner

“Property Brothers”Jonathan Scott, a rising star, was successful in building homes, but he had trouble finding the right partner or having children. As the years passed, he promised to be a dad no matter how he met the right woman. Luckily, he did!

Jonathan Scott was always aware that he wanted to become a father. But, with a long history of unsuccessful relationships and unlucky romances, it seemed impossible. He was in a serious relationship with Kelsy Ully (an airline crew scheduler), when he first met her and they were married in 2007.

Scott moved from Canada to Las Vegas after they tied the knot. The marriage fell apart after just two years. The HGTV star Explained, “We were young, and there was a rush going into it. She wanted to get married on 07/07/07. So it wasn’t something that naturally happened.”

Television personality Jonathan Scott was at the 92nd St Y Talk with HGTV’S Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott in New York City on April 5, 2016. Source: Getty Images | Source: Getty Images

It was not all bad news. Scott chose to see the good and came out with valuable insights life lessons. He learned from his heartache that he could find true love in the future.

In 2016, Jacinta Kuznetsov (a Scott Entertainment producer), gave him another chance at love. The couple kept their profile low at first but soon became more prominent among fans. After two years of dating, the couple split in 2018.

Scott was heartbroken again, but he had no other choice. Thank you for your kind words. He said that he and Jacinta were close friends and that there would not be any drama or negativity after the split.

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Scott regretted not having children with his ex-partners after his two relationships ended. This would have made the situation more difficult for everyone involved. He Share:

“We didn’t have kids or anything. And it really helped me understand what I wanted in a relationship.”


Scott was single for more than a year after his divorce from Jacinta. He was strongly convinced to find the one. right partnerHe didn’t want to be in a relationship just for the sake of it.

Star shared that he has been blessed with a lot of blessings in his life. He could go to any place in the world and buy anything he desired. He was unable to enjoy the wonderful moments of his life without someone beside him. He Share:

“At the end of the day, coming home to that one person that you know has your back, there’s no better feeling.”


Scott knew from the beginning that he wanted to become a father. Scott was a good actor and he enjoyed working with children. He loved the idea of helping little minds to form their beliefs. It would be great if he had one!

He knew that the right woman must reflect his desire to start family. “I want to be a dad, so it’s important for me to have a partner who would play a key role in that,”He Mused.

He was open-minded, however, and said that even if he couldn’t find the right woman, he would still be willing to start his own family. He said he would adopt, because he was certain that no matter what, he would be a great father for his children. He Share:

“I have said to myself that if I don’t find the right person, I think I would probably adopt on my own because I think I would be a great dad.”

The star revealed to the world that he had set a 45-day deadline for having children, even if he didn’t find a suitable partner. He was determined to follow through with his plans. But fate had other plans for him.


Scott has admitted that he loves being single more times than once. He didn’t value being in a romantic relationship. His most important goal was to find a woman who reflected his love and goals. He found her.

Scott metHis girlfriend “Yes Man”Zooey Deschanel, actress, filming an episode on James Corden’s “Carpool Karaoke”With their siblings Drew Scott and Emily Deschanel.

Scott and Deschanel fell in love instantly, but they were unable to start dating because Deschanel was still married four years ago to Jacob Pechenik. Deschanel declared her dissolution of marriage to Pechenik one month after their meeting.

Scott and Deschanel split after Deschanel was divorced. Their relationship was fast and they were married in 2021. “The Happening”The couple, an alumna and her newfound love, closed on their dream home. Scott was able to fulfill two of his long-term dreams. He Share:

“I waited my whole life to find Zooey, and I’ve now waited my whole life to have my dream home with someone like Zooey.”

Scott had accomplished so many of his life’s goals in such a short amount of time. Scott had finally found his dream girl and bought his. Your dream homeBy association, they became a “step-father”Deschanel’s children with Pechenik:

However, that was not the end. Scott, Deschanel and the child’s relationship grew after they had spent the coronavirus quarantine together. Deschanel also has a history of assisting Scott. embracedHer “blended”Scott was included in an Instagram appreciation photo that Scott shared with his family.

In June, Scott posted a cute photo with her ex-husband Pechenik carrying each of her kids on their shoulders. She also added a sweet caption. Please read:

“So thankful my kids have these two awesome guys in their lives: @jonathanscott and their dad @jacobpechenik.”

He is also a caring uncle to Parker James, his twin brother. Scott asked his nephew, Parker James, if he knew how fortunate he was to have Drew (and Linda) as his mother. Addition:

“Get ready… I’m gonna spoil you 🥰.”

Scott is a caring father figure to Deschanel and Drew’s children, as well as Drew’s baby’s uncle. Fur-daddy proudTo his dogs and wonders if that qualifies him to Father’s Day celebrations.


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