John David and Abbie Duggar Share Exciting Family News

The Duggar family is already well-known for being a large and diverse family. John David Duggar, second oldest original member of the family “19 Kids and Counting”Family, announced May 8th in a Mother’s Day special InstagramHe and Abbie Burnett Duggar have been engaged since then. “To the little girl who calls me Mommy and our little boy due in late summer, I’ll love you forever!”The post was shared on their joint IG, along with a photo of Abbie and Grace holding hands. People.

Many family members expressed their gratitude, including Jill Duggard (3 years old), who recently shared some good news. Jill had a miscarriage in Oct 2021. AnnouncementShe is also pregnant and expecting baby No. 1 in July 2022. UpTV members “Bringing Up Bates” — another huge family with 19 children — also weighed in with their congratulations. Fourth-oldest child Lawson got engaged toIn October 2021 , “So excited for y’all!!”Josie Balka, Josie’s tenth-oldest Bates sister, has two children with Kelton Balka. , “Congratulations! So happy for you.”

Many commenters expressed concern about her health during this pregnancy. Abbie sufferedHG hyperemesis gravidarumDuring her first period, she suffered from severe morning sickness. “Yay! Not the terrible morning sickness this time I hope!”One fan Comment. We also hope so for Abbie’s sake.


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