Jinger Vuolo Takes a Rare Look at Daughters in Father’s Day Tribute

Former Counting on Jinger Vuolo (star and Duggar) is sharing a rare look at her daughters. She shared a special Father’s Day tribute to her husband, Jeremy Vuolo. She shared a special moment between her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, and their two daughters as a tribute. Continue reading to see all details and to view the latest photo.

Jinger and Jeremy currently reside in Los Angeles, California. They share Felicity, who turns four in July, as well as Evangeline (who will turn two in November). They appear very content and happy there.

Jinger Vuolo doesn’t post pictures of her daughters’ faces online anymore.

Jinger and Jeremy decided to make their children’s lives more private than they did growing up. So, they have chosen not to post pictures of their daughters’ faces online. While they still take photos of their children, the pictures may only show their backs or showcase their shoes.

You can read Jinger Vuolo’s full explanation behind this decision here. Some fans miss the girls but others praise Jinger Vuolo for making the right decision.

See a rare glimpse at Felicity & Evangeline.

Though Jinger Vuolo doesn’t post pictures of her daughters often and never shows their faces, she made a special post in honor of Father’s Day. While keeping the girls’ faces concealed, she shared a sweet moment between her daughters and their dad.

On her InstagramStories, Jinger posted a photograph of Jeremy running around Felicity and Evangeline’s house. It’s available below.

Felicity is seen in a blue dress with her hair down. Little Evangeline, who is also in the photo, is wearing a white top and bottoms with a red shirt. You can see Evangeline’s curly hair, too. Jeremy is gazing at his daughters as he runs and plays. Jinger writes sweetly “Happy Father’s Day @Jeremy_Vuolo. We love you very much!”



Jeremy also posted the photo to his Instagram story, and added, “Being a dad is fun.”


Though fans can’t see much of the girls, they can see that they are doing well and seem happy and healthy these days.

So, what do you think of this Father’s Day post from Jinger Vuolo? Do you love seeing the girls, even if they’re mostly hidden? Please leave your comments below. Return to Television Shows AceFind out more Duggar family news.

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