Jilted man flogs ex-fiancée’s wedding dress on Facebook for £5 with a brutal note

After their split, the man went to Facebook Marketplace to sell his dress. However, he didn’t get the reaction that he wanted when the single man was accused online of fat-shaming

He titled the listing as ‘wedding dress – size fat’ and it is on sale for £5

A jilted man’s revenge attack on his ex-fiancée failed miserably after he was hammered for his crude advert selling her wedding dress on Facebook Marketplace for a fiver.

Many said that his ex-bride-to-be had a lucky escape’ after trying to buy the gown online, while also dragging her off.

The virality of the post was due to the man’s brutal remarks, but many people didn’t find him funny and called him fat-shaming.

Chris was a man, but that didn’t stop others from supporting the woman. BirminghamLive report.

The title of the brutal post is listed as ‘wedding dress – size fat’ and is on sale for £5 on the popular buying and sell section of the platform.

The description of the gown was then: “Wedding dress – would fit a larger lady, quite chavvy in style so would suit a cheap slapper. Had a lucky escape so it’s brand new which is more than can be said for the intended wearer’s well-worn vagina.”

He also added: “It’s a size 12 I think – she was prone to lying so it’s possibly a 14/16.”

A Twitter user shared a photo with the caption: “Chris seems upset?”

Her tweet has been liked more than 3000 times and retweeted 300 times, leaving users in shock at her sour comments.

His ad suggested that she had done the dirty work for him. Fortunately, sympathy was not in short supply.


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Some people are disgusted, especially women, by the idea that a 12-inch man is ‘fat’.

One user said to him: “Not sure who’s had the lucky escape here”.

One person replied: “Looks like SHE had a lucky escape!”One user on social media asked why the man didn’t get more sympathy for being cheated upon.

Another probing: “Why are all the women on here making this Chris’ fault? If his ex had been the one cheated on, who would you have sympathised with?”

A third person replied: “Also a lot of us take offence to a size 12 being referred to as “fat”… just as a cherry on top,”While someone else added: “It’s all the sexist slurs, might have got sympathy without them.”

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