Jill Dillard Answers Your Baby Name Questions

Jill Dillard is sharing an update on baby number three’s name! Derick Dillard, her husband will give birth in July to their third son. She and Derick Dillard already have Samuel and Israel.

After suffering a miscarriage in January, Jill and Derick shared the big news in February. Thankfully, the pregnancy seems to be going smoothly. Jill is happy and healthy, despite the fact that she has Covid in her 2nd trimester.

Naturally, fans are curious about the baby’s name. There has already been some speculation online about the baby’s name. Though fans have some ideas, we’ll have to wait until the baby arrives to know his real name, of course.

In the past, Jill and Derick talked about having the first initial of each of their kids’ names spell out Israel. So far, they have done it with Samuel and Israel.

After Jill Dillard’s miscarriage, they named that baby River. So, this baby’s name would start with an A, if they are still following that pattern.

Now, Jill finally has an update for fans wondering about her baby’s name.

Jill Dillard responds to fans’ baby name questions.

Many Duggar fans are asking Jill about the name she and Derick will give their third child. Maybe she received private messages from people or commented on her Instagram posts. Fans kept asking her for updates so she posted an Instagram update and clarified the situation.

A new Instagram PostJill Dillard provided a quick update to her fans about her baby’s progress on Wednesday 20 April. She shared a photo of her baby bump as she sat in the waiting room at the doctor’s office. Samuel, her younger son, tagged along, while Israel, her older son was at school.

Jill wrote: “So thankful that all is well with our active baby boy!”

Jill Dillard Instagram
Jill Dillard Instagram

She shared her thoughts. “Several of y’all have asked…we still haven’t settled on a name yet, but have several in mind! It’s just taking us longer to decide this time.”

The Dillards have some work ahead of baby number 3. A few of Jill’s followers are commenting with name suggestions, so maybe that will help.

It’s unclear if Jill and Derick plan to release the baby’s name publicly before he is born. They may soon have more information about their plans for the baby’s name. Jill is just grateful for her baby boy’s progress.

What do you think Derick Dillard and Jill Dillard should call their third child? Are there any other names you would suggest? Please leave your comments below. Stay tuned for more news on the Duggars. Television Shows Ace.

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