Jessica Simpson’s Husband Allegedly Worried About Her ‘Stick-Thin’Be a part of the Relapse Rumors, Sketchy Gossip Says

Are You Jessica Simpson‘s loved ones worried she’Are you a relapser? One tabloid reports that Simpson’s appearance in recent times has caused health concerns. Here’s what we know about Simpson’s dramatic weight loss.

Jessica Simpson Raising ‘Red Flags’For fans?

This week Us Weekly According to reports, Jessica Simpson’s shrinking looks are causing concern for her fans. The actress, singer, and fashion designer revealed in her 2020 memoir that she privately was battling an addiction to alcohol and pills before sobering up in 2017—and now fans seem to be fearing that she might have relapsed. After she recently posted a photo of herself modeling her brand’s denim, fans quickly noticed how thin she is. Now, the outlet’s inside sources insist it’s a sign that Simpson is struggling with something major.

“Jessica’s been struggling lately,”Insider recipes “Jessica wants the world to think she’s doing great, but behind the scenes, she’s spiraling… She’s obsessed with her appearance and seems to be on this mission to be stick-thin… at any cost.”Even though Simpson and Eric Johnson are said to have been together, sources claim that they were not on the same page. “shaky ground” lately, he’s apparently worried sick about her. “It’s a classic case of insecurity, and that’s just sad to see,”The tipper concludes.

Secretly Jessica Simpson? ‘Spiraling’?

This is a very offensive report. First, Simpson looked perfect in the photo the tabloid shared. Most of her fans were complimenting Simpson in the comment section on how good she looks, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a single negative word. So, clearly, this outlet is the only one that thinks Simpson’s appearance is concerning.

Furthermore, it’s just wrong to bring Simpson’s battle with addiction into this. Simpson claims she is now over four years sober. Simpson shared a photo of her in the middle of her struggle with alcoholism to mark the occasion back in November. It is quite different from Simpson’s current look, so we are baffled why Simpson seems to have relapsed.

The Tabloids On Jessica Simpson’s Weight

This story is especially cruel considering the intense media attention Simpson’s weight has received over the years. Back in 2018, after Simpson’s last pregnancy, the tabloid media berated her with endless, brutal body-shaming. In Touch reported Simpson’s husband was begging her to go on a diet. Then Star claimed Simpson “couldn’t stop eating.”And finally: NW alleged Simpson was depressed because she couldn’t shed the weight. The tabloids will shame Simpson no matter what her looks are.


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