Jessa Seewald’s Sponsorship Income Was Just A Drop In Her Bucket?

Counting on Jessa Seewald has lost her most recent sponsorship. The Duggar girl had placed an advertisement in her most recent YouTube video. However, she was unable to make much money from the partnership. It turns out that she might not have made much money from the deal, even if it had been a long-term one. Stay tuned to find out more about her loss of sponsorship income.

On Wednesday, Jessa Seewald uploaded a new video to YouTube, documenting the Duggar family’s ugly Christmas sweater party. She also included a clip in which she promoted Native. They sell soaps, toothpaste, deodorants, and many other products. Fans could also use her code to get a discount. Jessa was presumed to have been compensated.

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Jessa Seewald’s video was uploaded to YouTube by Katie Joy just hours later. Without a crystal ball sent a message to the company, alerting them of the Duggar family’s values. Katie argues that the Duggars’ beliefs don’t align with Native’s.

Katie was then informed that the company did not intend to continue to work with Jessa. What will this mean for Jessa?

Jessa Seewald’s Sponsorship Income Was Just A Drop In Her Bucket?

Was Jessa Seewald’s sponsorship bringing in very much money?

While we don’t know how much money Jessa Seewald made from her latest sponsorship or how much she had the potential to make, it’s probably less than you might think. Katie Joy responded to a fan’s comment about how much Jessa might bring in from sponsorships. She revealed that brand deals don’t bring in nearly as much as ad revenue.

Katie explained, “Jessa doesn’t need brand deals. Her YouTube is monetized. Brand deals literally pay peanuts compared to ad revenue.”

Jessa also has YouTube ads so it makes sense that she would make more money that way. It’s unclear why she chose to work with Native if this is the case. Maybe she thought it was a way to make some extra cash.

Jessa Seewald’s Sponsorship Income Was Just A Drop In Her Bucket?

So, does it surprise you that Jessa Seewald’s sponsorships may not have brought in much money at all? What do you think? Please leave your comments below. You can return to this page for the latest information about the Duggar Family. Television Shows Ace.

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