Jessa Seewald’s old video leaves fans disgusted. Here’s why

A video of Jessa Sewald from the past has been posted online. The details are disturbing to many. Duggar mother Jessa Seewald is often criticised for her messy home, and how she raises her children. This old video is making fans laugh again. Now, the question is: What was Jessa doing that made fans so mad?

Duggar-lovers often mock Jessa because of her messy home.

Jessa Seewald was previously criticized online for such an inexplicable behavior. “filthy” home. Many of her YouTube videos are disconcerting to viewers. After letting her son eat snow from the rug, she was criticised.

Fans also noticed trash piles all over her home. Jessa and Ben are parents to four young children: Spurgeon (6 years), Henry (5 years), Ivy (3-3 and Fern (1 year). This has led to little ones crawling all over the floor and playing. Fans wish she would keep her home cleaner for her children’s health and safety.

Duggar lovers are now astonished by another detail.

Jessa Seewald’s home birth details leave fans disgusted.

On Reddit, a snap from one of Jessa Seewald’s home births has resurfaced. Duggar critics and fans have much to say about the matter.

You can see Jessa on her living-room sofa, as you can see in the photo below. One chucks pad, or puppy pad, is found on the couch. There’s also one hand towel. Because she’s giving birth, fans and critics agree that this is not enough protection.

Jessa Seewald, YouTube

Someone says “No way that one pad and small towel would have been enough. That poor couch has seen some serious sh*t.”

Another fan adds “I’ve attended multiple home births and the midwife always brought or sent home at a late prenatal appointment a box of supplies: lots of chux pads, depends for the first couple of days postpartum, etc. If this is seriously all they had, I’m shocked. That’s inadequate.”

Fans and critics alike are disgusted at the idea of how many bodily fluids could be found on the couch after the mother gave birth. Some people believe that guests prefer to stand than sit on the couch.

So, what do you think of the lack of supplies for Jessa’s home birth? Do you agree that it’s “gross” that they didn’t have more pads or towels to cover the couch? Please comment below with your thoughts. Return to Television Shows AceFind out more Duggar family news.

You can Take a look at this clip of Jessa Seewald’s home birth below.

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