Jess Phillips rinses Matt Hancock over PPE contract controversy

Jess PhillipsEx-Health Secretary Matt HancockLast night, he was accused of helping the ex-landlord of his local pub to obtain a license. coronavirus contract.

Multimillion-pound contract to supply test tubs NHSCovid-19 testing has sparked outrage. Labour chairwoman Anneliese Dolds encouraged Hancock to “set the record straight”He should retract his comment that it was an a “fabrication”To suggest that Alex Bourne, a West Suffolk constituent, applied for or was awarded a contract by the government or NHS.

Dodds isn’t the only one to rinse Hancock, with Labour MP Phillips last night laying into the Tory MP on ITV’s Peston.

Speaking out about Hancock’s latest controversy, Phillips said: “What an absolute load of rubbish… did anybody else’s friends get a contract? Mine didn’t. None of my friends are on those lists.”

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Hancock then pulled an expression similar to that of a bulldog eating a wasp.

Phillips explained what it was like for her to witness the pandemic, saying that she had to look at PPE being exported from her area while the care homes asked if they could borrow goggles of the local school.

She said that she had to go through hurdles to help domestic violence victims access public funds, and asked why. “[don’t] have to qualify by the same rules”.

Hancock admitted that it was difficult to obtain PPE last year. “the whole world was trying to get it”. Maybe he was trying to flip it around, he suggested Labour party donors “got those contracts too”.

Interjecting, Phillips said: “We were trying to get that stuff, the owner of that company in my constituency was trying to get it into the government. I had endless phone calls… it’s funny because they were already a provider, however some people’s friends who weren’t providers somehow managed to get through the line.”

Twitter enjoyed the encounter, with LBC presenter James O’Brien summing up what we’re all thinking by commenting: “Oof”.

Phillips replied with a TelegraphThis article was published in April and details how PPE was exported from Britain despite its shortages.

Last night’s appearance on ITV’s Peston was Hancock’s first TV appearance since heAfter snogging, he quit the frontbench, despite the government’s coronavirus restrictions at the time.

Last night, he stated that the kissing scandal had been revealed. “blown up every part of my life”.

But now he’s embroiled in yet another controversy as the questions continue surrounding the coronavirus contract.

The Mail on SundayFollowing a contested Freedom of Information Request, we obtained messages between Hancock, Bourne, a former pub landlord, in which the MP personally referred an appeal for business to Jonathan Marron at the time, the director-general of community care and social services at the Department of Health.

Bourne, a director of a food packaging business, sent a message initially expressing interest in making personal protective equipment (PPE), such as surgical masks. However, later exchanges revealed a shift to produce items for coronavirus testing.

Hancock indicated Tuesday that he wants to formalize the proposal “on the record”That “the man in question never got nor applied for a contract from the Government or the NHS at all.”

He laughed at it. “fabrication pushed by the Labour party”And “a load of rubbish.”

It is a complete mess.

Indy100 Hancock has been contacted to comment on the story.

Additional reporting by PA.


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