Jerry Lee Lewis ‘Looked like He Was Going Dancing’ at 5th Wife’s Funeral Following Her Mysterious Death

Jerry Lee Lewis, singer, was famous for his flamboyance as well as his controversial marriages. After Shawn Michelle’s mysterious death, his fifth marriage ended. Many were shocked when the singer wore the wedding dress he wore to the funeral.

Jerry Lee Lewis is well-known as “rock n’ roll’s first great wild man”He is one of the most important pianists of the 20th Century. His performances were intense and his music was a worldwide sensation.

Despite his musical success, his personal life has been peppered with tragedy, scandals, and controversy — from the mysterious deaths of some of his wives and sons to bigamy and allegedly marrying an underage cousin.

In 1958, Jerry Lee Lewis was the singerSource: Getty Images[Left] Lewis weds Shawn Michelle Stevens at his home in Nesbit, Mississippi on June 7, 1983 [Right] | Source: Getty Images

One example of such Moment controversialIn the singer’s story was Shawn Michelle’s brief, mysterious marriage and subsequent mysterious death.

Lewis found love again after Jaren, Lewis’s fourth wife, drowned in the midst of the final settlement of their divorcement. 

He married in June 1983. His fifth wifeShawn Michelle Lewis, 25, was married to her. Their marriage was “far from ordinary”It lasted only 77 days, before tragedy struck Lewis’s abode again. 

“The Killer”Shawn Michelle Stevens, Jerry Lee Lewis’ fifth wife, was married to him at his Nesbit, Mississippi home on June 7, 1983. Source: Getty Images| Source: Getty Images

Michelle was found by the Lewis home housekeeper in their bedroom in Nesbit (Mississippi) on August 24, 1983. She was unresponsive, and she was Pronounced dead on-site, with autopsy reports showing her to have suffered pulmonary edema — a buildup of fluid in the lungs.

Jerry Francisco, the medical examiner in the case, stated that such buildup was not normal. “consistent with a drug overdose.”But, Danny Phillips, Mortician, believed that there was more to it. her deathHe’d discovered bruises on her wrist, as if “someone had grabbed her.”

He also said that she had a fractured fingernail with blood underneath the rest. Foul play. Michelle’s family was not content with Francisco’s reports and hired Attorney Michael Blake, who said the case was “just plain incompetency or a coverup.”

Singer Jerry Lee Lewis on October 3.1991 in München | Source: Getty Images

Michelle died from suicide after her death was ruled by the jury. Lewis stunned everyone by coming in wearing clothes similar to the ones he wore on their wedding day during Michelle’s funeral at Ferriday Assembly of God Church in Louisiana.

He wore a red shirt with ruffles and a white suit. Janice Kleinhans was Michelle’s mother and had fought to bring to light the mysterious details of her daughter’s death. This is the singer’s costume:

“He looked like he was going dancing.”

Jerry Lee Lewis at Madison’s Dane County Coliseum on February 18, 1982. Source : Getty Images| Source: Getty Images

After Lewis’s cousin Gerald read the eulogy to Michelle, a baby blue hearse took her brass and ivory-colored coffin from the Lewis family plot near Clayton, Louisiana to where they were laid to rest. Lewis was not forthcoming about the incident but later said that he did not know what he thought of Michelle’s death.

After his fifth wife’s demise, Lewis began searching for consolation, which he found at Hernando’s Hide-a-Way, a road stop near the Tennessee-Mississippi border. Kerri McCarver, 21, soothed the crowd every night with country music.

American rock n’- roll pianist Jerry Lee Lewis is pictured with Kerri Lyn McCarver, his wife, and their son Jerry Lee III. Source: Getty Images| Source: Getty Images

While it’s not known how the couple met, reports say she moved in with her husband. “Wild One!” singer’s Mississippi home soon after. She appeared to be just like the other Lewis wives. Get married into real trouble.

She would later reveal that she had been a victim of the singer repeatedly hit, cursed, and threatened her and had extramarital affairs. He was charged with income tax evasion and she stood by her through thick and thin.

Kerrie Lewis, Jerry Lee Lewis’ sixth wife, and their son Jerry Lee III open film about Jerry Lee Lewis’s life in Great Balls of Fire. Source: Getty Images | Source: Getty Images

McCarver’s 21-year marriage was the longest of all singers. McCarver and Jerry Lee Lewis III had one child. Unfortunately, McCarver and Lewis divorced in June 2005. 

He is happily married today to Judith Coghlan Lewis. They got married in 2012 on March 9th, and they have been happily married ever since. The 85-year-old crooner, who was then 85 years old, renewed his vows in 2021. wedding vowsCoghlan, in an intimate ceremony at his Mississippi house. 

As their 100 guests enjoyed the white wedding cakes topped with images of an embracing couple, they held hands. This is the singer who brought down hell in the 50s, with hits like “Great Balls of Fire”He briefly chatted with his guests, before retiring to a more private part of the house. 


Jerry Lee Lewis, a musician, performs at Empire Polo Club in Indio on April 28, 2017, in California. Source: Getty Images | Source: Getty Images

Lewis is no stranger to controversy. However, he has also been the victim of some of the most devastating tragedies that parents can experience. His 3-year-old son Steve Allen Lewis, whom he had with Myra Gale Brown, drowned in an accident while swimming. This was the tragedy that struck the Lewis family. 

His second son Jerry Lee Lewis Jr., a child from his second marriage with Jane Mitchum, was born in 1981. He died in an automobile accident. automobile accidentWhen his jeep was flipped. Lee Jr. was close with his father. He even played drums for Lewis at one time. When asked if he felt stronger after the deaths of his sons, he replied that he did. Please say

“Well, I don’t know if it made me stronger or not, sir, but it got my attention real good, I know. That was a very hard time, a very sad time for me. But I pulled through it. I buried my own. I took care of everything.”


Jerry Lee Lewis poses for an American studio portrait in 1957. | Source: Getty Images

Lewis first came on to the music scene in the mid-50sAnd soon became recognized as a pioneer of rock and roll and rockability due to his high energy stage presence.

His hit songs, “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On,” “High School Confidential,” “Breathless,” and “Great Balls of Fire”The singer became so famous that he was made an acclaim for his music. nickname — “Rock ‘n’ Roll’s First Great Wild Man.”

Source: Getty Images| Source: Getty Images

Daily News spoke with the fiery musician, who said that the people who gave him his nickname were not out of line. He was asked his opinion on the monicker. Answered:

“Well, it’s an honor, but I wouldn’t say they’re wrong. Audiences enjoy my performing style and the musical craziness of my show.”

Lewis is also known as “The Killer,”His style is all about music and making sure his audience has lots of fun. He lives with his seventh wife in Mississippi, where he describes her as the love of his entire life. 


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