Jeremy Vuolo Opens Up New World For Jinger?

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo have given her the chance to experience many new things since the wedding. Now, he’s opening up a new world for his wife. Continue reading to find out what Jinger thinks about it and what they are doing.

The couple married in Texas and settled in Laredo. This is quite a departure from Arkansas, where she was born. The couple then moved to Los Angeles in California.

From what they’ve shared online, it looks like they are enjoying all kinds of restaurants and are exploring the beauty of the state. This is quite different from Jinger’s upbringing, and she appears to be loving it all. Fans are thrilled to see her succeed.

Jinger’s new experiments have impressed her fans. It appears that Jinger learned another lesson from Jeremy Vuolo.

Jinger Vuolo Instagram
Jinger Vuolo Instagram

Jinger is introduced to new things by Jeremy Vuolo

In a new Instagram postJinger shared her experience with something new on Wednesday, May 4. She shared a few photos with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo of them golfing.

She wrote with a golf emoticon. “⛳️ was fun today. My second time ever. Can’t wait for next time @jeremy_vuolo”

It looks like Jinger is well-equipped for the outing, as shown in the photos. She’s wearing a tank top, a skirt, a baseball cap, and sneakers. In one photo, Jeremy is driving a golf cart.

Jinger Vuolo Instagram (Jeremy Vuolo)

Fans of Duggar love Jinger’s new post and are happy to see Jeremy and her enjoying themselves. They are also pleased to see Jinger expand her horizons by trying out new things.

One fan wrote a compliment about her writing. “Your second time playing golf you looked amazing. Your swing was perfect.”

Others say she has a great swing, and she appears natural. Some of her followers also give her tips for becoming a better golfer.

So maybe we’ll soon be seeing more golf content from Jinger & Jeremy. It certainly seems like she’s enjoying this new hobby with her husband.

You can check out Jinger Vuolo’s Full post available here.

So, what do you think of Jinger Vuolo’s golf skills? Do you think Jinger Vuolo is an inspiration to her to do new things such as this? Comment below to share your thoughts. Return to TV Shows AceFor more Duggar family news, click here.

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