Jeopardy! Jeopardy!

Amy Schneider shared via Twitter that she’d been ill, and this came very soon after her robbery revelation. She explained. “Quick update: So, to make this week even more fun, I also got sick!”Schneider didn’t give details about the type of illness she suffered, but she did add, “I’m feeling mostly better now, but I’m going to extend my posting break through tomorrow.”

Schneider quickly TweetBe reassured again “Jeopardy!” fans. “For now, just know that a) I’m fine b) I fully intend to post full game threads for every episode, and c) I’m so grateful for all the support I’ve received!”Schneider was greeted with a lot of support, with many people expressing their delight at her performance. “You are my all time fav @Jeopardy contestant,” All rights reserved one. “Poised, intelligent and exhibiting such grace, you are the best of the best,”The person continued.

Schneider has already held the record for consecutive wins won by a woman, it was noted. PeopleShe said she was enjoying every moment of it and that she is grateful for the opportunity. She shared the following: Yahoo! Yahoo! Entertainment, “so much of what I get on Twitter and Facebook is so positive and good,”Negativity is not a good thing. “well worth it.”How long will Schneider continue to win? “Jeopardy!”Schneider’s fans will be waiting anxiously for her nightly Twitter threads, which are scheduled to resume at midnight, so that they can catch up on her incredible winning streak.


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