Jenny McCarthy talks about her son Evan, who has autism.

Jenny McCarthy’s son Evan Joseph Asher has autism. It made it possible for Jenny McCarthy to write this article. “Masked Singer”Advocate for children with autism spectrum disorders, Judge

Season seven “The Masked Singer”The show premiered on March 20, 2022. Jenny McCarthy, the judge, spoiled Jenny’s looks just one day before it aired. Scroll down to view the image

A photo was posted by the actress and former model to promote season 7 of the competition TV series on Instagram. The highlight of her photo was her hairstyle, which she wore in a purple sleeveless gown.

Jenny McCarthy in New York City, 19 November 2019. Source: Getty Photos| Source: Getty Images


Donnie Wahlberg’s wife, Donnie, showed off her waist-length wavy locks instead of her usual short bob. McCarthy wore an additional black crown to give her outfit a more sophisticated look. Exquisite look

Multiple fans and friends shared their thoughts on social networking. Wahlberg was one of them. “Go girl,”Then follow it with a heart emoticon.

Another netizen mentioned that McCarthy’s hairstyle was beautiful and they loved it. “as always.”One Instagram user claimed that McCarthy was the most popular woman on the Internet.

Source: Getty Images| Source: Getty Images


McCarthy may have had a successful career and a long and happy marriage to Donnie Wahlberg. However, things were not always easy.

McCarthy was married to John Mallory Asher in May 2002. They welcomed Evan Asher two years later. Evan was later diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Autism

McCarthy explained to Evan that she noticed something wasn’t right with him when he began flapping his hands. He suffered a seizure a few days later. Doctors believed it was due to a high fever.

He had another seizure less than a month later. He suffered from a more severe seizure, and his heart stopped. CPR was necessary to bring him back to life.

Evan is independent and drove to high school when he got his driver’s licence.

Evan’s doctors did not know what was wrong. McCarthy claims he did not have epilepsy. “mommy instinct”She believed they were wrong. McCarthy believed that Evan was autistic and McCarthy agreed with him.  

McCarthy has been An advocateSince then, she has been working with children with autism spectrum disorders. She said that her motivation for becoming famous was to spread the word about autism. 

The former “The View” co-host serves as President and Director of Generation Rescue – a non-profit organization focused on helping families affected by this developmental disability.

Sadly, some McCarthy’s comments on autism have caused some concern. Although McCarthy suggests that vaccines could be linked with an increase in autism incidence, scientists have already refuted this claim.


Evan is independent despite his condition and began driving to high school shortly after he obtained his driver’s permit. In 2020, McCarthy admitted her son didn’t want her to kiss him anymore because he was a teenager already. She would Tell him: 

“‘You’re going to come back when you’re 21 and want to kiss and love me again.’ [But] he’s like, ‘I’ll let you know if that happens.'”

McCarthy stated that Evan would make public a public call to her out. It happened once at the airport, and again in the movie theatre when she tried to sneak water and chips in. McCarthy and Wahlberg love Evan exactly as he does.


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