Jennifer Lopez’s “Marry Me!” Music Video features Ben Affleck

It’s not quite “Jenny from the Block,”Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were reunited in a music video. Lopez recently appeared in the romantic comedy Get married to me Neben Owen Wilson, she sang and wrote the title song. The music video “Marry Me”Features Lopez on tour and in the studio. Also, some quiet moments at home. Affleck’s face, however, isn’t shown. The Oscar winners can be viewed hereLopez had a great time cuddling up in bed and laughing with us.

Affleck and Lopez were engaged nearly two decades ago, and could there be another attempt at “I do”The reunited lovers are just around the corner According to sources close to the couple, the two are “open to the possibility”Doing another engagement. “Ben and Jen are so in love. Their loved ones would not be surprised if Ben pops the question,”Source: Entertainment Tonight. “Of course, they will be considerate of their children when thinking about moving forward with their relationship. They both want things to be great between their kids, not just the two of them.”

Lopez and Affleck first started dating while working together on the 2003 film Gigli. They were briefly together for nearly a year before they split up in January 2004. Both parties have discussed what broke up their original relationship after they rekindled in 2021, admitting that the media and their various perceptions in the public played a large role. According to the insider, things have changed for them this time.

“They really trust each other and that is so important to both. They also have so much in common in terms of their careers, and both have kids with ex partners, so they both get the dynamics of each other’s lives and families,”The source was updated. “Ben’s kids really like Jen, and her kids love Ben. He is incredible around them and makes them all laugh. He goes with the flow. Their kids like each other too, which they are both so grateful for and happy about because they know that sometimes that can be tough.”Lopez is said to be looking at the next chapter in their love story from Lopez “a fairy tale between them and like they are meant to be.” 

“She is so incredibly in love with him. Ben is so funny and confident. He is always telling Jen she can do anything. He is not scared or intimidated by her money or success,”The insider was also included.


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