Jennifer Lopez can’t stop matching her outfits to her engagement ring

Jennifer Lopez clearly loves her new engagement ring from two-time fiancé Ben Affleck, and naturally, that’s because of the man who gave it to her. Affleck is clearly in love with the actor. “Jenny From The Block”Lopez the perfect engagement band was possible because of his singing talent. Now Lopez can’t stop showing it off while wearing matching ensembles. 

Jennifer Lopez Shines in Gorgeous Green Hues

If you weren’t aware of Jennifer Lopez’s favorite color, look no further than her brand spanking new engagement ring courtesy of her new fiancé Ben Affleck. Lopez is notoriously crazy for all things emerald-colored, so naturally, when Affleck popped the question again to his former fiancée he did so with the biggest green gemstone he could find. 

Lopez quickly whipped up some stylish outfits to match her new look. The triple threat actress-singer-dancer seemingly can’t find a shade of green that doesn’t suit her. This photoset is a great example of the dark green tones. The deep color makes Lopez’s dark eyes look like pools of mystery. We love the mature, sexy look of this shade. It would also work well with a wide range of skin tones. 

JLO Fun and Flirty Comes Out To Play

The Get married to meLopez also shows a playful side. Lopez posted this Instagram video in which she was seen enjoying a bright green sucker while driving. Lopez wore a bright button-up shirt and a tropical ring. It likely wasn’t an accident that Lopez held the sucker in her left hand. It was all the more reason to display that bling!

Are You “On The JLO?”

If you’re part of Lopez’s inner circle after joining her group “On The JLO,”You might have received an email with several candid photos of Lopez and Affleck posing together at what appears like an intimate dinner party. Lopez looked absolutely divine in a velvety green croptop and matching bottoms. Affleck wasn’t looking too bad himself in a suit that was deliciously rumpled. 

(Jennifer Lopez/OnThe JLO).

This photo was taken on the same night Lopez was awarded the Icon Award at 2022 iHeartRadio Music Awards. It is evident that this was a huge win for Lopez. Affleck and Lopez look so unbelievably happy together, we’re a little jealous. There’s still no word yet on when the two plan to walk down the aisle together, but we feel like it could be announced any day now. 


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