Jennifer Lopez Allegedly Told Ben Affleck ‘No Excuses’ Over ‘Unacceptable’ Pre-Wedding Behavior, Anonymous Source Says

Is Jennifer Lopez revolted by the body of Ben Affleck? A vicious rumor is making the rounds about Lopez forcing Affleck to get in shape before they tie the knot. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Eat, Sleep, Gym, Repeat!’

According to Star, Lopez wants Affleck in shape for their wedding. She’s apparently put him on a strict diet and workout regiment since he’s grown complacent with his appearance since the two started dating. A source says, “When they first started dating, Ben was up at 5 a.m., hitting the gym with J.Lo.”

In the early days, Affleck cared dearly about keeping up his appearance, the insider says. “He was a lot more conscious about looking like a guy who was worthy of dating Hollywood’s biggest glamour gal.” Eventually, they explain, he stopped caring and fell back on his old habits.

Before her intervention, Affleck had supposedly sworn the gym off altogether and was living off burgers and donuts. The source concludes, “J.Lo has told him this is unacceptable. She expects him to pick up the slack and wants him working out every day and eating right, no excuses.”

What’s Going On With Ben Affleck?

Don’t let Star fool you: there’s nothing of substance here. It’s just a run-of-the-mill story attacking Ben Affleck for his body. The Gigli star is a former Sexiest Man Alive and played the largest version of Batman to date fairly recently, He knows how to go to the gym.

The tabloid wants you to think this is a brand new story, what with it citing the wedding and all. In fact, stories like this actually pre-date Bennifer 2.0. One outlet announced Affleck was constantly at the gym to keep Ana de Armas interested. Just because Jennifer Lopez is a known gym rat doesn’t mean she’s forcing Affleck to go on a diet.

Lopez and Affleck are still going strong. The two attract cameras everywhere they go, so obviously they’re not on the verge of a split or anything. One of the hundreds of PDA photos proves Lopez is interested in Affleck for who he is, not for who she wishes he was.

This Might Be Familiar

This very outlet ran an almost identical story last year. Star announced Affleck was struggling to keep up with Lopez at the gym. Before that, it was busy claiming Affleck was trying to win back Jennifer Garner. Clearly, this tabloid has absolutely no idea what it’s talking about. Stories bashing Affleck’s figure are a dime a dozen. He’s healthy and happily dating Jennifer Lopez.


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