Jenelle Evans Shows Bare Bottom, Fans Say ‘Wrong App’

Jenelle Evans loves her body and is especially proud to have had three children. She believes in body positivity and leaving behind the haters. She posted some very sexy photos recently, but her followers weren’t impressed.

Jenelle Evans Troubled Past

Jenelle’s past is not secret. On the MTV reality series, Jenelle became a household name. 16 & Pregnant. Jenelle and the baby daddy could not sustain a relationship and he left her son Jace’s life. Jenelle went down a horrible path of drug abuse and poor decision-making. Barbara, Jenelle’s mother, was forced to take Jace into her care. All of this was documented on the spinoff. Teen Mom 2.Nathan Griffith had a stable relationship with her and they welcomed Kaiser. The relationship ended abruptly after it became very combative.

Jenelle eventually met David Eason, and they fell in love. Ensley was their daughter and Jenelle got married in 2017. Unfortunately, it was a very difficult marriage. David took the family dog and killed it. Jenelle was forced to leave David and take her children. Jenelle declared that the marriage was over. They reunited, but it was not as expected. She was fired. TM2.While she was interested in endorsement deals to help keep the money flowing, she now prefers other avenues. Jenelle has an YouTubechannel works well TikTokShe started her own business. OnlyFans account. Some people are not fans of the previous one.

Wrong Account, Who ‘Dis?

Jenelle Evans doesn’t look as young anymore, but that is okay. She shared some of her fun photos from the boat trip via Instagram earlier. Instagram. She was wearing a bright green bikini with the caption: “Getting some Vitamin Sea.”Unfortunately, not everyone who followed her appreciated the snaps.

Jenelle Evans-Instagram

  • “Umm.. this isn’t only fans lol”
  • “Wrong app.”
  • “lets just say, stay classy. These pics are not very flattering”
  • “Can’t buy class literally white trashhh”
  • “You try to hard to be something youre not. Which is good looking”

Her die-hard fans are supportive and appreciate her willingness to put herself out there. She doesn’t care what others think, and just continues living her life. What are your thoughts on Jenelle’s boat pose? Are you happy or do you push the limits? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.



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