Jen Arnold Shares Special Words For Her Biggest Supporter

Jen Arnold joined other reality TV stars and TLC actors in taking to InstagramToday, pay tribute to your mother. The Little Couple Star wrote sweet words of appreciation to her biggest fan. Jen also included a beautiful photo of her mother and her children in her tribute. Jen wrote what was her tribute. You want to see this beautiful photo? Scroll down to see all details.

Jen Arnold writes special words to her biggest supporter

Jen Arnold is a close friend to all who follow her on Instagram. Jen’s mother always comes around to be close to her daughter anytime Jen has to have surgery. Fans were in awe of Jen’s mother when they learned about the last time she came to be by her daughter’s side despite her leg being broken. Jen’s mother has since made a full recovery and recently spent some time on the beach with her grandbabies during a vacation.

Jen Arnold – Instagram

The Little Couple Star began her tribute by thanking mother for encouraging her to pursue her dreams, no matter how impossible they were.

Your grandkids should be taught the same. You are our Northstar. We love you to the moon and back.”

Jen Arnold is eternally grateful her children get to learn some of her mother’s wisdom. She considers her mother the Northstar in her family.

In her tribute, the ex-TLC star shared a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson. It was as follows: “Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

Jen Arnold - Instagram
Jen Arnold – Instagram

The Little Couple Fans react to her post

Jen Arnold’s mother was the subject of a lot love in the comments. Fans, however, made it a point to wish Jen a happy Mother’s Day as well. Here’s some of what fans had to say in the comments:

  • “Happy Mom’s Day to YOU Dr Jen from another Dr Jen!! LOL”
  • “My gosh, the kids are getting so big!!! I miss your show.”
  • “Happy Mother’s Day to you Jen and your mom!”

Many fans admitted they were in awe of how big Jen’s children were looking these days. Many were also amazed at how beautiful Jen’s mother looked these days.

Jen Arnold Shares Special Words For Her Biggest Supporter
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