Jed Duggar is the Real Reason Why He Hates So Much

Former Counting On Jed Duggar, a star, is getting a lot of hate. Not everyone knows why he’s getting so much negative attention, though. Now we know the truth. Keep reading to find out why he’s disliked.

You may not be able to learn much about the Duggars unless you closely follow them. He is 23 years of age. Jedidiah and Jeremiah are Michelle and Jim Bob’s second set of twins.

Jed was married to Katey last year and just welcomed Truett Oliver into the world.

Jed Duggar Instagram

Without the Duggar family on TLC’s Counting on Now, social media gives fans a glimpse into Jed’s life. Fans may not find any fault with Jed, or reasons to dislike him, based on what they see on social networking. But, some people have come to find things they don’t really like about him at all.

Jed Duggar catches so much hate online, and here’s why.

On RedditDuggar snarkers talk about Jed and it seems like some of them have strong opinions about him. He is disliked by many of them. But why?

One explanation is the attention that others give to snarkers. The critic says, “He ran for office with strong, uninformed opinions on schools and women when he’d never been inside of either.”

Reddit (Jed Duggar)

Duggar supporters and critics questioned Jed’s skills and experience back in the days when he ran to be an office candidate. Duggar fans and critics were critical of Jed’s experience and skills back when he ran for office. He was only in his twenties at the time, and had no real life experience. He did lose the election.

Jed’s opinions are being shared by other snarks, who also share reasons why they don’t like him. One Reddit user says, “I would say it’s his smug attitude and the fact he ran for office with zero qualifications. He most likely thought because he was a Duggar that the voters would turn out in his favor.”

Jedidiah Duggar Instagram (Jedidiah Duggar engagement)
Jedidiah Duggar Instagram (Jedidiah Duggar engagement)

Another addition: “He seems shady and arrogant.”

Some people even believe he looks a lot like Josh Duggar. Some suspect he may be trying to become the “golden son”Josh was there before.

Are you sure Jed Duggar deserves all the hate? Are you a fan or not? Leave your comments below. Keep checking back. Television Shows AceFor more Duggar family news, click here.

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