Javier Bardem Has One Hilarious Request For Dune 2

Javier Bardem was speaking to Deadline about his recent SAG Award nomination for his performance in 2021’s “Being the Ricardos” when the subject of returning to his “Dune” character, Stilgar, came up in conversation.

First, Bardem revealed that he currently has little knowledge as to what exactly is in store for “Dune: Part Two.” He told Deadline, “I haven’t read anything yet, so I’m not sure what’s coming up next for me in ‘Dune.’ I know as much as you do at this point. I hear there are scripts but I haven’t read anything. I cannot wait to put myself into the hands of Denis Villeneuve again. I love the guy.”

Bardem then revealed the hilarious request he has for his character in the next film, declaring, “The only thing I’m asking is that I get to ride a sandworm.” He then quickly pointed out that it’s not entirely out of the question, adding, “Denis [Villeneuve] told me he’s going to try to make that happen. That does happen in the book, by the way. Stilgar teaches Paul [Atreides] how to take the desert power, which is to domesticate those huge animals in order to use their force, their strength, and their huge size against the Harkonnen. Hopefully, that will happen.”

We, too, can only hope we get to see Stilgar — or any character for that matter — ride a sandworm in “Dune: Part Two” when it’s released sometime next year.


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