Jason Momoa and Lisa Bornet Separate After 16 Years of Being Together

Actors Jason Momoa & Lisa Bonet announced Wednesday that they are divorcing after sixteen years of marriage. Momoa shared the news InstagramMake a statement with some creative photos “We have all felt the squeeze and changes of these transformational times,”Momoa wrote. “A revolution is unfolding and our family is of no exception… feeling and growing from the seismic shifts occurring And so we share our Family news that we are parting ways in marriage.”

“We share this not because we think it’s newsworthy but so that as we go about our lives we may do so with dignity and honesty,”The statement went on.”The love between us carries on, evolving in ways it wishes to be known and lived. We free each other to be who we are learning to become… Our devotion unwavering to this sacred life & our Children, teaching our children what’s possible, Living the Prayer. May Love Prevail”

Momoa began dating Bonet in 2005, and they were married in 2017. They have two children, Lola, 14 years old, and Nakoa Wolf (12 years). Bonet was previously married with Lenny Kravitz and has a daughter, Zoe Kravitz. Interview with Men’s Health iMomoa said that she felt like a 2020 “nervous wreck”Bonet asked him out on a first date.

He joked that he was “a mess,” “especially when you meet someone you’re completely infatuated with and then find out she’s amazing, intelligent, and funny and she’s a goddess and you’re a degenerate.”Momoa said that he and his family are happy. “gotten so much closer”When the pandemic struck, everyone was quarantined together.

“My wife is very sophisticated and smart and [our kids and I are] kind of like animals that need to be trained a little better,”He said. “I’m constantly a work in progress, and I’ve just been trying to get better as a father and a husband.”


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