Jason Duggar’s Latest Post on Social Media Leaves Fans Confused

Jason Duggar shared an update on social media over the weekend. Fans are asking many questions. His recent actions appear contradictory. So, what’s going on? Keep reading to get all of the details about Jason’s new post and find out why fans have questions.

On Sunday, June 19, on Father’s Day, Jason shared a special tribute to his father, Jim Bob Duggar. This was sent to his email. InstagramStories can only be viewed for 24 hours.

We have also saved the photo for you to see below. It’s worth noting that this isn’t something that will remain permanently on Jason’s account.

Jason Duggar shared this picture of Jim Bob, with a napkin tied to his shirt. Jason shared the photo along with his thoughts:

“Happy Father’s Day to the best dad ever! I look up to you Pops, thanks for all you have done for our family and the way you have personally invested in my life! Love you!”


Jason Duggar’s tribute to Jim Bob has fans confused, and here’s why.

On Reddit, Duggar fans and critics are discussing the Father’s Day tribute. Some appreciate the sentiment but others are unsure. One person says Jason is “confusing,”He noted that Josh had spoken out against him, but he is still on good terms and friendly with Jim Bob.

Jason was present in May when Josh was sentenced for 151 months behind bars. Jason made a statement via social media. At the time, fans believed that Jim Bob would not appreciate his son’s statement.

He wrote the following: “In my opinion, judge Timothy L. Brooks was fair in his ruling giving Josh a sentence that would be considered below the median for the crimes he has committed.”

He said also that his “heart is grieved” over Josh’s choices. The complete statement can be found here.

So, this is why fans were so surprised to see such a positive tribute to Jim Bob on Father’s Day. One says, ” I don’t see how he can condemn pests [Josh]Actions but think boob [Jim Bob] is the best father in the world.”

An additional adds “Interesting that he seems to not be Team Pest but is apparently willfully ignorant of his father’s role in the making of Pest.”

So, do you agree that Jason Duggar’s recent actions are confusing? Do you agree that Jason Duggar’s recent actions are confusing? Or do you think it makes sense that he spoke against Josh, but praised Jim Bob. Please leave your comments below. Keep checking back for moreTelevision Shows AceMore Duggar family updates.

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