Jason Bateman and Laura Linney of Ozark Friends in Real Life?

Jason Bateman and Laura Linney have a mutual respect for each others’ talents when they discuss their working relationship. Yet, their off-screen relationship seems to be purely business. Linney said this in 2018. ETAbout Bateman “I love coming to set and seeing like, how is he going to handle this monologue? How is he going to do [this]? How is this going to fly out of his mouth? and it’s a really unique skill.”

Bateman has made his fair share of the teen heartthrobs and turned into a comedic star in projects such as “Horrible Bosses,” “Arrested Development,” and “Office Party,” as well as a critically acclaimed dramatic actor, director, producer. Bateman’s 2018-2019 and 2020 work can be found on “Ozark”He was able to get it Three Emmy nominationsOutstanding Lead Actor for a Drama Series. His talents behind the camera were also acknowledged and he was awarded in 2019 Outstanding Directing for Drama Series.

Linney explained to ET more about his influence on the sets. “Our company is happiest when he is directing. The set runs the best, we’re all comfortable, there is a sense of trust that we’re taken care of, and as an actor, it’s the same thing.”


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