Japanese Breakfast Makes the First Pitching at Mets Game

It’s been a grand slam of a week for Michelle Zauner.

The season finale was hosted by Japanese Breakfast, the Grammy-nominated musician/author who performs as Japanese Breakfast. Saturday Night Live, was named one of TIME’s 100 Most Influential People of the YearLast night was the last time we threw The first pitchCiti Field in New York, where the Mets play.

Zauner takes her sport as seriously as she does her baseball “piggy T’s.”She was in Little Big League, her last band.

Zauner was wearing her #69 Mets custom jersey “JBREKKIE”She was proudly emblazoned with the Philadelphia Phillies logo on her back. “My socks / heart,” Zauner captioned a close-up of her ankles, which bore the Fightin’ Phils’ Phanatic.

During last week’s SNLFinale: Japanese Breakfast “Be Sweet”And “Paprika”From their critically acclaimed album Jubilee.

Soon after, SNL‘s Emmy-winning castmember Bowen YangThis context provided some insight into why Zauner was the ideal choice to end the season with an admiring tribute.

Michelle was the first person I saw. Michelle was dressed in a Korean Hanbok, playing guitar and sitting on an 18-wheeler. This woman was my first exposure to her. Her latest output is just as captivating and affecting. Crying in H Mart is a memoir I will never forget, and the Japanese Breakfast record Jubilee captures joy in its true, ephemeral spirit. They are, as her other works, beautiful conduits of empathy.

Michelle is amazing to me and many other people because of this. She weaves her art into intricate plaits and allows us to find something we can add to our lives. It doesn’t get better than that. Everyone wants her to love them.



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