Janelle gives Garrison Brown a big boy toy for his birthday

Garrison Brown has had a great 2022. He put down a down payment for the house he had worked so hard to buy. He now celebrates his birthday with his loved ones. Janelle, his mother knows how to pamper his childish side for this special day.

Garrison Brown knows his mom always has his back

It is easy to get lost when you’re one of 18 kids. Janelle Brown made sure her children didn’t feel left out when the pandemic struck in 2020. The Sister Wives family was in a difficult time, especially when patriarch Kody put into place his pandemic protocols. He was very strict about what his wives could and couldn’t do. He believed he was the only one who could step outside of the lines to ensure the safety of his family. He was going to rotate from home to home, minus Meri’s house, as long as everyone followed his rules. He believed Christine wasn’t taking the pandemic serious enough.

As for Janelle, he believed her children were being disobedient. She still had three of her children at home: Gabriel, Savanah, Garrison. Gabriel was still at college with his girlfriend. His mom didn’t want him to leave. Garrison began working and quickly became an essential worker. He was saving for his first home down payment. As he was already in the National Guard, he had no other possession than a car. When he was so close, she wasn’t going to throw him away in the middle of a Pandemic. Janelle stated that she would always choose her children over her husband.

Happy Birthday Garrison

Janelle knows that her kids can always find respite at her house. You don’t have to be too old to give them fun birthday gifts. Over the weekend, the family came together to celebrate Garrison Brown’s birthday. He is a homeowner in his 20s, but he never gets old for fun birthday presents. He was delighted when they got together to buy him a Lego set. Legos were a popular choice for kids growing up, according to Janelle. Janelle believes Garrison’s brothers are actually secretly jealous of this really awesome gift. He can be seen He poses with his new toyJanelle uploaded a video of Janelle singing to him, though they both apologized for their poor voices.

Credit: Janelle Brown IG

Because they could relate to Lego passions, her followers loved this gift. “My Dad is 75 and he builds Lego. Keeps his mind active. Lego is timeless!”One noted. Another addition: “I’m 40 and have had Lego for the last few Christmas’s/birthdays.”This proves that it is perfectly fine and acceptable to be an adult child. Janelle understood Garrison’s point completely and Garrison is fortunate to have such a loving mother. He has a great birthday and many more years to come.

What toys brought you back to your childhood? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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