Janelle Brown, Night Owl gets side eye from her babies.

Janelle Brown, Janelle’s mother and grandmother, is loving and supportive. She loves her family and would do almost anything to help them. But why is her children giving her the side eye?

Janelle Brown Turns Motherhood

Janelle was very committed to her work when she first met viewers. Despite her love for her children, she preferred to be away from the house every day. This was possible because she was in a plural marriage. Christine, her sister and husband Kody’s wife, was there to care for their six children. Christine was the homemaker. She educated the children and made sure that dinner was on the table. Janelle stated that having the option to go on free nights was a huge benefit. It was no big deal to go to a movie because they all lived under the same roof in Utah. Someone was always there to look after her children. The Browns moved to Las Vegas where each wife received her own home.

Although they lived in a cul de sac and were easily accessible to each other, Janelle became more involved. Janelle became grandmother in 2017. This marked a significant change. Maddie Brush, Maddie’s daughter, welcomed Caleb their first son. He was named Axel. Janelle was able to soften tremendously and her world changed completely. In 2019, they welcomed their second child, Evie and it just warmed Janelle’s heart even more. She further showed how evolved as a mother she had become when the pandemic hit in 2020 and she chose her children’s well-being over her husband. She did it with such grace and defiance. But, why is her husband now proving her wrong?

Late Night Antics

Janelle Brown is a generous person with a lot to offer her six children and two grandchildren. Her son Garrison has moved out of the nest and she now has two replacements. Her long-time dog is still her companion and is always beside her, even when she has a new pup. Janelle was having a hard time sleeping recently. Her dogs wondered why Janelle wasn’t turning off the light and going to bed.



A captured photo that she shared with her InstagramJanelle noticed that they were giving Janelle the side eye. Janelle documented their side eye but it was not a serious look. These adorable faces are too cute to be ignored. I wonder how long Janelle took to turn off the lights after taking this photo?

Do you think these babies had a right to be mad about Janelle’s night owl antics? Comment below.

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