Janelle Brown is too good for Kody, say fans. Here’s why

Janelle Brown was always the most independent and strong-willed of her sister wives. She is financially independent and can take care of herself. Although some details have been revealed about her marriage to Kody she still remains committed to her multi-generational family. Fans are still questioning her loyalty to Kody, even though they believe she is too good for them.

Janelle Brown-Master Of Her Own Life

Janelle was Janelle’s second wife, when Sister Wives first began in 2010. Kody’s first wife Meri had died three years prior to Janelle. Janelle was actually Meri’s sister-in-law for a short time but that marriage did not work out. Despite not having been raised in this lifestyle, she realized that she enjoyed the idea of being part in a plural marriage. Logan, her first Brown child, was born to her in 1994. In addition to bringing in children of size, she also earned a steady salary. Though Meri worked some, the weight usually landed on Kody and Janelle’s shoulders. Janelle loved working so it was okay. This was where she thrived, and Christine was a great sister wife who could take over all the housekeeping tasks she didn’t care about.

Janelle Brown – Kody Brown Sister Wives Youtube

Janelle moved from a job in the office to obtaining her real estate license together with Christine. While she pursued this career, Janelle eventually decided to use her business acumen to open her own wellness company. Janelle helped her to Strive and she also joined an MLM. Kody didn’t want to spend too much time with Janelle during the pandemic. He had what he considered to be a very good home. “disobedient” children. Although it was unsafe, she refused to let him get away with his antics and insisted that her children would always come first. She found people and things that made her happy and fulfilled. Fans believe she is still too good to share a life with him.

Fans Think It’s Time For An Exit

Janelle Brown found some peace in her daily life through small things. She enjoys spending time with her grandchildren and binge-watching Amazon. Christine, who left Kody in the latter part of 2021, stated that Janelle is fine with no man. But, there is one thing: RedditThreadJanelle fans deserve better. They actually beg her to just go because she deserves better than what Kody gives. In the Season 16 tell-all, he admitted that he wasn’t in love with her. Although he said the feelings were mutual, she tried to pretend that everything was fine and dandy.

Janelle Brown Instagram
Janelle Brown Instagram

“You deserve happiness and true love! I know you or someone you are close to reads these posts and we want better for you and your kids. Leave this toxic relationship for good!”OneRedditor commented. Another comment: I will add that if she does read this, it is my intention to tell her something that has nothing whatsoever to do with her departure, but that she’s a badass. From the beginning she was my favourite. Strong, smart, funny, beautiful, not centering her whole life around a husband or children, but glad to have them all the same.” Some think she just stays because she loves the property and is content with what she has. She should be commended if that is true.

Is Janelle too good for Kody? Should she be leaving or staying? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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