Jamie xx will be back with a brand new single.

Jamie xx announced his return to music this week with a brand new single.

Jamie xx shared on Instagram that he would return tomorrow (April 12), with a brand new track. ‘Let’s Do It Again’.

“I had a lot of fun trying this one out at festivals last year. You might recognise it…”Over the weekend, he posted to Instagram. “LET’S DO IT AGAIN is out on Tuesday.”

Check out Jamie xx’s announcement:

Recently, Jamie xx produced his bandmate Oliver Sim‘s first two solo singles, ‘Romance With A Memory‘ and ‘Fruit‘.

Speaking about his debut single, Sim said: “Terrifyingly, this is the first song I’ve ever released under my own name, I really hope you all enjoy it. Produced and produced by Jamie xx, my dear older brother.

“P.S still very much in a loving and happy relationship/band with Romy and Jamie,”He added to his bandmates.

The xx’s most recent studio album, ‘I See You’The song, was released in January 2017. The band shared footage from December of them working together in what appeared like a rehearsal space or recording studio.

Recently, the xx announced details of a new monthly show on Apple Music 1, Interludes Radio.

The London trio will each present their own separate instalment of the series, which kicked off with Sim’s edition on March 10 at 2pm GMT. Jamie xx and Madley Croft will host subsequent editions.

“We’ll be taking turns to host each episode and get into the things that inspire us individually,”The xx made a joint declaration. “An hour of music, guests and sneak peeks of what we’re all up to on our own and together.”

You can tune in Interludes RadioLive free on Apple Music 1You can listen back anytime with an Apple Music subscription.


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