James Kennedy, Raquel Leviss No Longer Friends? Exes get Shady

Raquel Leviss and James Kennedy claimed to still be close friends. Their engagement ended on December 5, 2021. Their split was explained in two parts. Vanderpump RulesThis week’s premiere of Season 9 was aired. The bittersweet moment of their separation was painful. They hugged each other and said goodbye when filming finished.

Since then, both James and Raquel confirmed in respective interviews that they’re still talking. However, this could have all changed in the last week. James was the subject of dating rumors on Monday, January 24. He was seen in Las Vegas holding hands and kissing a mystery woman.

Raquel wanted an after-dinner drink. “unengagement party.”She posted a picture on Instagram while shading her ex-fiance. James Kennedy is back. He claims that he “dodged a bullet.”

Raquel Leviss is a “unengagement party”

As Television Shows AceRaquel Leviss, as previously reported, threw an “unengagement party”With her Pump Rules friends. She didn’t want to watch the reunion all by herself. She decided to spend time with her castmates. They had a good time, popping balloons and drinking out of phallic straws.

Raquel shared a photo taken at the event. However, some people think she was being cruel towards James Kennedy who has moved on. Also, she posted a clip on Instagram Stories in which she pops a huge diamond-ring balloon. “Bon voyage!”Raquel said that she wanted to live a normal life. Raquel felt free to move forward after seeing James go.

[Credit: James Kennedy/Instagram]

Raquel hosted the bash for her VPRAriana Madix, Scheana Shay, and Ariana Madix are friends. All shared photos from the event via social media. Yet, fans didn’t see anything amusing about it. Raquel was accused of being mean-spirited towards James, and she retorted by saying she must look after herself.

James Kennedy shades ex-fiance?

James Kennedy is now sounding off. The two of them are clearly not good friends anymore. Raquel took offense to Raquel’s Tuesday night photo in which she was seen drinking out of the straw. After the shocking Instagram post, the Vanderpump RulesStar responded to the comments section. James deleted the comment but it was shared by a fanpage screenshotHis comment.

“Drinking every night and sucking on p**** straws… looks like I’m the one that truly ‘dodged the bullet’…”Original work by James Kennedy “And let’s not get it twisted it’s always MY year.”

James Kennedy, Raquel Leviss SUR Selfie [Credit: James Kennedy/Instagram]
[Credit: James Kennedy/Instagram]

Raquel said on Scheana Shay’s podcast that she’s still friends with him. James made an appearance on Live: Watch What Happens, he echoed Raquel’s previous statement. He acknowledged that they spoke a day before the virtual interview. However, this may not be true anymore. This seems to be a real-time feud between these two.

James Kennedy's Shady Comment [Screenshot |Instagram]
[Screenshot | Instagram]

James Kennedy was spotted in Las Vegas with a brunette woman earlier in the week. Raquel stated that she was having a sex with James Kennedy the next day. “mental breakdown”After her second appointment was cancelled by her therapist, she revealed that she was really upset. She said that she was actually a therapist. “on the verge of panic and rage.”The Vanderpump RulesSeason 9’s two-part reunion special ended on Wednesday, January 26.

What are your thoughts on James Kennedy’s shady comment? Do you think they are friends for good? Are you a believer that they should be friends? Comment below.

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