Jada Pinkett Smith and Gabrielle Union’s Secret Feud

When Jada Pinkett Smith promoted secret beef, the public was first to learn about it. “Red Table Talk”In an interview with Essence. At the time, Pinkett Smith told the outlet viewers could expect to see her navigating deeply personal issues — including her longtime feud with Gabrielle Union. “She and I did not talk for 17 years and we could not remember why,”She revealed. “There was just tension between us every time we would see each other. It was just us being young, divas.” Union felt the same way, as she told the “Today Show” that both parties didn’t know what caused the fallout. 

But what was it that prompted the olive tree? Pinkett Smith had the brilliant idea of having Union on her controversial TV show. It all began with the executive producer of “Red Table Talk”Pinkett Smith was proposed to by a series that focused on her female friends. Then, instead of inviting her old buddies, the “Matrix Reloaded”Star decided it was her opportunity to call a truce. “I was like, no, I actually think I want to make a new girlfriend,”Pinkett Smith spoke for Essence. “Gabrielle’s name just wouldn’t stop, it just had to be that. So I just called her up.” 

What was the outcome of that meeting? It sounds like Pinkett Smith’s act of kindness paid off.


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