Jacob Roloff Wants Information About His 700k

Former Little People, Big WorldJacob Roloff, a star in the movie “The Killer,” has questions about his $700,000. He posted a tweet about his net worth and asked about the number online. He also noted that many people were curious about his networth recently.

Keep reading to get all of the details about Jacob’s latest tweet.

What is Jacob Roloff’s net worth?

Websites like Celebrities Net WorthJacob’s net worth is estimated at $700,000. However, he’s arguing that that isn’t actually the case.

So, it’s unclear exactly how much he is worth. He was on TLC’s Little People, Big World He has been on the show for over a decade, but has since left. So, he’s no longer making money this way. And because he was a child for many of his years on TLC, it’s unclear how he was compensated or whether he was paid at all.

What is Jacob saying about Jacob’s net worth then?

The former Little People, Big WorldStar wonders where the money is.

In a TweetJacob stated this week that people are looking for his net worth online. He has $700,000. He was shocked to learn that he had $700,000.

He laughed, “I’m just working for vibes.”

He told those he believes he has $700,000. “no-brains.”

As we reported, Isabel Roloff as well as Jacob Roloff have been called hypocrites due to their recent social-media activity. According to what Isabel and Jacob post online it seems like they read comments from critics and fans online.

Isabel and Jacob Roloff - Instagram
Isabel and Jacob Roloff – Instagram

Fans find it fascinating that they often check out what is happening. Little People, Big WorldReddit users are sharing their opinions. Jacob and Isabel appear to be trying to keep away from the show. However, they are still involved in social media.

Jacob Roloff’s recent tweet about his missing $700,000 is proof of this, fans think. Fans are pointing out that Jacob’s net worth was recently posted on Reddit just days ago, so he appears to be keeping up with the threads there.

According to Jacob, though, he doesn’t actually have a net worth of $700,000 and still wants to know where his money and assets really are.

So, what do you think of Jacob Roloff’s tweet about his $700,000? Comment below. Come back! Television Shows AceFor more Roloff family news, click here

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