Jacob Rees Mogg was booed for calling Boris Johnson “an exceptional leader”

Jacob Rees Mogg was booed after he continued to bang the drum for Boris Johnson.

While being interviewed by the BBC All Questions After he stated that he did not regret supporting Boris Johnson, he was shouted down and added: “I think he has been an exceptional leader.”

It was even more amazing when Jenny Jones, a Green Party politician, appeared. “No that’s not fair, he has been exceptional,”She said. “Exceptionally bad.”

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Her radio success was praised by the cheering crowd.

It comes after a week of British politics you had to live through in order to believe it. Johnson was so inept at handling the Chris Pincher scandal, many of his ministers including Rishi Javid and Sajid Javid, resigned. The cringe leadership struggle is now underway to determine who will step in to his shoes.

It’s okay. Johnson at least has Rees-Mogg as a fan.

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